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  1. dan


    Stunning work guys! The attention to detail is simply astonishing.
  2. dan


    I reported this problem with version 1.0, but obviously it didn't make it into the update.
  3. Yes, an Airbus please! Something more suitable for 2-4 hour flights where you can leave the cockpit for more than 3 minutes at a time. Boeing airplanes will all be covered more or less, so a detailed sophisticated Airbus is desperately needed. And those A320 previews looked great. Hoping you will be able to pick that one up again. If not, I wouldn't mind a A330/340 either!
  4. Here's a cool timelapse video of the new ATC and AI planes in action. And here are some developer blog posts about the new ATC coming in XP10.
  5. After updating to 1.1 the font used on the primary EICAS display has changed, and the caution messages are somewhat hypnotizing and harder to read without spacing between the lines. I prefered the font on the previous version to this one... I'm running X-Plane 9.68 on Mac OS X 10.6.4 Take a look at the screenshot below:
  6. I'm glad you decided on this one. Looks very nice so far! ;D
  7. So there is no system logic attached to it then? If it happens again I will try manipulating the lever with the mouse instead of using my joystick...
  8. When extending the gear my speed was below 160-170 IAS and 2900 feet. The gear lever did animate, and the displays showed DN (but no green lights) if I'm not mistaken, but they would still not extend. The funny thing was I landed the plane normally not knowing they had not extended but yet I did not crash on touch down, and I could use the breaks to slow down the plane with the body sitting on the ground I knew something was off the moment I landed because my viewpoint was far to low in relation to the ground... Like I said it has only happened twice out of at least a dozen landings so far...
  9. This is just a general question on procedures and not a bug... Let's say you're flying a STAR and ATC gives you instructions to fly direct to your the last point on the STAR instead of following every point, what is the correct procedure to re-program the FMC to fly direct to the another point? The only way I've found that seems to work is to delete every point between my current position and the point I want to fly direct to. Is that correct or is there another way?
  10. On two occasions the landing gear has refused to extend before landing, and I have no idea why. I don't fly with failures and have checked to see if it had been activiated, but no, it seems to be the systems logic that prevents the landing gear from extending no matter how many times I try to extend them. Is there something in the system logic that can prevent them from extending, if so, what? It's not a big deal but it ruined a otherwise perfect flight....
  11. I have had this happen to me also. I manually create the .icao files myself and load them into the FMC but if like you say, if it asks to verify a waypoint the rest of the route does not load it seems... Btw, when two waypoints share the same name, how are we supposed to know which one to choose? Shouldn't there be coordinates that tells us where it is located like some other FMC do, or is this a limitation with the CRJ200?
  12. Great, thanks! My only suggestion for improvements would be to include fields that convert TOW and LW to kg. Btw, what do you do when the point where index number and weight crosses falls outside the %mac chart? Do you leave the trim set to default?
  13. I couldn't agree more. I just love this plane, and I can definitely see why Javier chose to create this plane. It is the perfect jet for short regional flights lasting an hour or two. You really feel you're flying this thing, you really can't just leave it on autopilot and do something else, you have to monitor and control the speed minute by minute. And on these short flights you don't have time to get bored, because before you know it you have to descend and prepare for landing. So far I've made two successful flights on my own and I'm loving it. It has definitely rekindled my love affair with X-Plane ;D
  14. It would be great if there was a spreadsheet, webpage or a plugin where you could calculate these figures in an instance without having to remember formulas or looking up tables every time for fuel calculations, vspeeds and trim...
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