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  1. I'm a flight instructor now and its sad that I'd be taking a pay cut to go to the regionals. No way, I'm going to pay my dues here and move up to a sim-center where I can make the leap to corporate aviation. I refuse to fly for food stamps...
  2. Is the Airspeed Indicator going to have a blue-line on it for single-engine operations? Not sure if the originals had it on there, but seeing as you had all the other standard markings on it, I would assume VYSE would be marked as well...
  3. Its amazing how much xplane practice translates to the real world. I used it all the time in both my instrument and multi-engine training and it was legitimately helpful. Nothing will give you that seat-of-the-pants feel like the real thing, but knowing the hand-eye coordination, use of controls, and procedures is probably 90% of the battle in teaching new students. Great job Perry and I hope you're able to pursue it more!
  4. Nice video dude - what did you film it with? Next time, keep more of your cross-wind correction in there, wing-low style. Remember you're trying to keep the longitudinal axis of the airplane aligned with the runway so you're not putting any side-loading on the landing gear. In a 172, its not such a big deal, but when you start getting into retractable gear aircraft, you'll need to pay special care or else you can collapse a gear - not so good! Get into these good habits early, and you'll not have to break bad ones down the road! Otherwise, great job and keep up the good work!
  5. Hey sound guru's, I'm looking for a very clean, high-quality, jet engine startup sound-clip. I'd like to capture the starter, igniters, light-off and spool-up if possible. I'm just making a small production intro and am having a hard time finding what I am looking for. Here's an example of what I want, but without the background noise and a little better fidelity (igniter noise too). Thanks!
  6. Spin AWARENESS and AVOIDANCE is the only thing required for a PPL in the US anymore, mostly due to the lack of affordable and capable aircraft available for spin training. Since most aircraft are not easy to spin, we mostly concentrate on avoiding them altogether. For the CFI license, you are required to be able to teach, demonstrate, and recover from spins - hence why I was doing them today. What you receive at the end is an endorsement, just like a high-performance or tailwheel endorsement, to be able to perform them... As far as I know (I have to double check the FARs) we also do not nee
  7. \ The more i look at it, the more I think you've got it
  8. Got to do my spin endorsement training in an Extra 300LP this morning. Here's some raw footage of the flight. Hope you enjoy!
  9. I'll do my best! Shoot me a private message with what exactly you're looking for. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to get acquainted with her before my flight...
  10. I'm gonna take a stab at Chicago?
  11. Protip: Hand-fly the approach like a boss!
  12. I only meant my comment in jest. I love old-school aviation, but totally realize technology's place in the cockpit. I always fly with my iPad and use GPS on nearly every cross-country flight I take - its safer, more reliable, and easier to use. The Beaver is a workhorse, and its only goal is to accomplish the mission. If the GPS helps get it there quicker and more safely, then more power to it!
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