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APU will not start.


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  • 6 months later...

Guys, this problem returned to me, probably after a switch of aircraft. XP12.03R1.

Here are the conditions:

  • APU Battery connection active in the Ground services menu (even though the below screenshots says OFF, it is ON with white bullet lit at the front of the selection line)
  • APU CB's on CBP 1 Row L in and checked
  • APU ECU reset on the little aft panel many times
  • In different conditions related to the APU switchlight buttons, in /out and mixed
  • In the Study section APU shows starter loads up to 7.000 Hp before dropping off
  • Stopped, restarted XP12
  • Switched aircraft and restarted
  • Repaitred all damage

    All to no avail, APU does not start - switchlight PUMP FAIL / SOC closed - and on the MFD APU SOV - APU NEG-G SOV - APU PUMP



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I have added the electrical scheme, part dealing with the APU and all seems correct, but still the APU doesn't start
Checked the FCOM 2 of the CL650 but no hints either

Also checked the fuel system and that looks good too






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Sorry, even with a newly generated airframe, problem remains... 


The only way around is starting with non persistent state, C & D. Something appears to be saved with the persistent state that blocks the APU from starting? 

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