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Hi All,

as the title, it seems the AP can't hold the altitude.

As you can see in the following pic, i set the Altitude at 1500ft but after reaching 1500ft, a small drift continues to increase Altitude depending by speed.

If i decrease the speed the altitude decreases... so i need to keep a certain speed to avoid drifting in altitude in both sides.

Anybody can help?




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I have had the same problem on ALL of my aircraft, intermittently.


I tried to troubleshoot this evening, and think this can be cause by activesky xp.

Do you have this problem on this addon only ?

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Just a note I fly with activesky xp, don't have this issue at all. It can, depending on winds overshoot by 50-100 feet depending on when a gust hit etc. However it always settles back to where it should be.

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Thank you for your replies but i don't have activesky for the moment.

I have also Pocket Rocket (nice aircraft) but i don't have the same issue, neither in all my planes.

I use XPforce and I want to investigate on it if i missed to set some parameters.

I'll let you know.


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