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Basic Feature Overview for SMP V4

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Hey guys just a basic "presentation" highlighting some of the key features that will be available in V4, more will be announced as a release draws closer......      

You're right, it could be worded more clearly. But it's certainly not our intent to misrepresent anything. The area covered by clouds has doubled, not the radius of the coverage. SMP4 covers an square

Waiting patiently I think the card in my hand's gonna melt though before release !! Hurry !! Lol J/K Take ya time Tony

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ion, think of it in terms of weeks

Then you never know, may only be days

That way you'll be surprised

Well, that's the way i got it into my braincell !!

Let's not rush em, they only cop flack if they do rush which must be somewhat of a downer for such long/hard work

Just enjoy the moment and look to the future hehe


Damned itching to buy though :P


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I use an i7 6700K and a GTX1080, both overclocked. I purchased version 2 & 3 of SMP and got RWC too. I finetuned settings in X-Plane, used NVidia's control panel and made performance measurements. My sim runs with stable 60 FPS now without SMP since I could not get rid of high FPS drops when SMP refreshed the weather representation. I love the look of SMP clouds, but a fluent simulation has the highest priority. 

When SMP 3 was released the promise (highly improved performance) was the same as given today. But I'll be more patient now and wait until the community will confirm that the performance is acceptable.

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4 hours ago, joomie said:

wait until the community will confirm that the performance is acceptable.

Hmm.. I have much better performance with skymaxx v3 than default.. I have similar specs to you as well (OC i7-6700k, difference is I have GTX Titan X Pascal).. It improves my framerate by 10+ fps.

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Looks spatular! I can't wait to download it.  I love we get all these wonderful new tweaks and the frame rate doesn't go into the toilet!  (major issue on my 2011 iMac) 

Thanks for the update info.


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It is I, Cameron, your Reddit pestilence :P

But seriously, it's looking good. My question is, will you be modifying the current haze values of X-Plane 11? I find them to be a bit much at dusk / dawn, so I was wondering if SMP would be modifying them as part of its weather depiction? 

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On 12/1/2016 at 6:29 AM, joomie said:

Well, most of the time with SMP the performance was the same. Just the regular refreshes which come with a redraw of the clouds resulted in 5-10 sec with single digit FPS. This isn't acceptable for me. I'll post all my settings later, when I'm back home.

As promised by settings. You find all information here:



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