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  1. Celis

    FSGRW and icing

    yes, getting ice with FSGRW.
  2. had to disable Terramax. bummer.
  3. Don't know if it has something to do with it, but I think that you have both tanks open. not sure.
  4. Hi, could someone pls check if clicking (hand pointer not the up and down arrow) at the Pitot R text will toggle the GPU. 1.0.7 thanks
  5. I was surprised of the improvement with this update. You guys did an amazing job. Thanks Alex
  6. Awesome, looking forward for this update.
  7. Got a hit on frames with this version . was working fine for me 1.0 Can I rollback to 1.0? I do have the installer. thanks.
  8. Thanks to Toto, Goran and the team for this very detailed aircraft. Did my 2nd flight with no issues on my side and systems are still Green. Alex
  9. I'm using the latest Flyinside version for XP11.10b (I know it's beta) But I want to inform that almost everything on the cockpit can be manipulated with the touch controllers from Oculus. I can see the magnets on almost everywhere but couldnt get the Autopilot in VR with the touch. Frames are great in VR. I know everything is new and in beta. just want to let you guys know. Thanks Tom and all the team for this incredible bird. Love it already. Alex
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