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  1. Hi guys, it's the second time my ixeg crash when i change the altitude to up to crz altitude from transition altitude, i attach log and print. i can't use the plane anymore unfortunatly. please help me. thx bye. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  2. Thanks Cameron for quick reply . I didn't knew about the six months automatic reset . But I purchased ixeg on 5 august and not six months ago .
  3. Hi guys may you explain why on my account I see this description near to ixeg order ? Link expires: Sunday 06 November, 2016 And the description of the order has a bar over....today i loaded plane and it requested me the activation procedure and I don't know why. I'll wait for your response. Thank you. Bye. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. I tested yesterday and I notice that it works fine with ixeg plane but not with others. I.e. a320 jar doesn't works fine with this version of plugin. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. What a great news! Yeah I'm interested to try it. Contact me please. Thanks you and sparker too.
  6. the bad news is that sparker is xplane'org developer, so he just said that there'll be not any support for "third party" plane....e so, i think no-one will patch the problem. pheraps, lua script will work fine, i'll try to solve by using lua
  7. HDR yes.....main generator bus pheraps:) I'll check again. thanks
  8. Hi staff, may you plan to give the chance to use saitek's panel (multi,switch,bip,radio) with your wonderfull plane? the same request for xhsi sw, I've an home cockpit and till now I can't use the plane with all components I've. thx, bye.
  9. I can't see any light on runway when I use taxi and landing light, it's the same (first photo ) both when are fired up both when are fired down...may you help me? thx bye.
  10. Yes it's the goal!! removed it and now all works like a charm.... thank you. p.s. May you plan to make gizmo compatible with saitek's products?
  11. Hi guys, after updated xplane to 10.51 i have always soft crash with ixeg plane. whenever plane i loaded, after 2-3 minutes xplane go down with crash, i think is gizmo crash, in fact if i use other planes(looks like x737) all works fine. thx for your support p.s. my copy with 10.45 has the same problem Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  12. This is my home too....I'm a cockpit builder and till now I used my external monitors to show nd,pfd and eicass of x737 by using wonderfull piece of software named xhsi. but now I feel in love of ixeg plane and I wish I want to see on my external monitor nod,pfd and eicass of thi bird. the force be with you ixeg team !
  13. Hi Jorge may you share with me your file? Thx you so much Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. Hi guys is there any chance to get saitek's panels working fine with this aircraft? i mean switch panel,multi panel and radios panels. thx you so much.
  15. Wow! Airfmc support is the bets thing you made in this hot fix I was waiting for it from the beginning because airfmc it's a must have for my home cockpit. thx you so much.
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