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  1. Since version 1.30, there are some short stutters when i change the view (pan) to the left or to the right window (from the center the microstutter comes until angle 45-60 degree). With the older IXEG there was no pronlem in this case.
  2. First thx for the great update. There is an bug since the first version of IXEG. Cabin door light gap. In some contitions you see mirrowed the gap too on the main panel. regards Jürgen
  3. THX THX THX Tkyler. Amazing, great support Regards from Austria
  4. Many of us Pilot`t don`t like the feature of popup the EHSI preview window every time we turn on the range or select knop. Please give us in the update in the menu tab the option to hide the window. Requestet many times now. Thx regards from Austria
  5. yes, that would be very nice an optical better. Litjan
  6. Some developing process informations would be nice. Thx
  7. Is it possible to give us in the next update the possibility to hide permanently the ehsi second info panel
  8. Yes but Cameron deleting postings, don`t reactivat legal bought products. This is not an fair handling for an online store.! I bought your software, send ticket 4 days ago, no reaction nothing. Then i wrote here to the forum, and the only thing was deleting my post. how would your reaction MORTON. This is not funny anymore. This listen great. You know windows is making often problems , X-plane too, you need to reinstall all, new machine ID, and then the problems starts Cameron should put himself in our position, how would he react there ? I think the same I hope this posting
  9. redownload the skymaxxv4 , and the installer is working now
  10. Hello IXEG team, would be nice to have the option to disable the EHSI preview window when turning Map or Range knobs. Using datafrefs for those knobs on my cockpit hardware
  11. datarefs for EHSI Map range and map mode would be very helpfully for many user i think
  12. I agree too, it blocks a bit the moving camera
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