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  1. Looks spatular! I can't wait to download it. I love we get all these wonderful new tweaks and the frame rate doesn't go into the toilet! (major issue on my 2011 iMac) Thanks for the update info. Mark
  2. I purchased this product on day one, and I think how it is handled is really very fair when you consider the following! .... SMP V1 Full price + every update to this version was free up until SMP V2 was released, than a discount price was offered and all updates to this version were free. The same process was continued into SMP V3. A lot of things were updated in these previous versions and I am delighted to only pay the reduced price for version 4. Nobody in their right mind is going to assemble a group of developers and build something like SMP sell it and continue on improvi
  3. 5171

    SkyMaxx Pro 1.3 Update Released

    I've had this product since it's inception and am blown away with every update! My favorite clouds are the Cirrus ! They Look great and don't effect frame rate much. I don't know where to add suggestions to the developer but if I could I would suggest that the Cirrus clouds be made much whiter! They would stand out more and actually look even more realistic. We have a lot of Cirrus clouds in the San Francisco Bay area when the weather is mild very seldom a blank sky! Thanks for a must have product!
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