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3D Shots and Renders - showoff what you have been working on.

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Some objects I want to share with scenery developers. These will be released in a short time for everyone's use.            

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Nothing plane related. More work and research related on my behalf. I'm about to find out what control surface to buy for my color grading business. So I spent 1h20m today and built the control surface seen to the right. I had the table and the keyboard from an earlier comparison with another control surface.

Looks like I need to get myself a new table and re-arrange the office - or get a new office with all new furniture.. *sigh* I can hear the money roll.... :)


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Definitely something different.  My brother is a HVAC engineer and needed a quick visualization of a outdoor AC unit as it would look installed on a existing bldg.  I don't do comps much, but it was something different.  Had to paint out electrical service and wire shadows on the bldg (original image below).  The cool part was "baking" the shadowing onto the bldg.  Fortunately blender renders "shadow with alpha" only so it can be layered in GIMP/Photoshop.



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The rendering is very basic settings.  2 directional lights (front quarter rear quarter), 20% specular and 80% diffuse material and an ordinary clay render with a bit of shine.  The difference is, I have no restrictions on polygons.

That model so far has 614 000 quads and it's just the front wheel assembly.

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