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  1. ChefRob

    Gear stuck on landing, what should I have done?

    New users and rough landings most likely and not checking the maintenance screen before each flight. I'm still on my very first air frame I started when I got the TBM... I've not had one issue or emergency with it. Coming up on about 150 hours(with accelerated wear active) in it with the most money spent on oil changes, left gear, left brake work. Crosswind landing tweaked the gear when I landed.
  2. ChefRob

    Gear stuck on landing, what should I have done?

    Yep... Once you are positive you are going to make the runway the checklist says Throttle to Flight idle and fuel selector to OFF. That's an expensive OOPS...
  3. Did you remember to turn on the pilots O2 doing your after start checklist? Now you have me wondering the same thing. This would of course what you mean by "flying on high throttle for a long time (~30 minutes)?"... Did you have any of your %'s in the yellow or red? At FL310 depending on the OAT you would be looking for a cruise torque setting of 80% to 85%. Higher than that you see your NG% gong into the yellow... Followed shortly but your ITT. You should use this site to help plan and do your flights... It's numbers are nearly spot on in XP.
  4. ChefRob

    Dry motoring after hot start

    Considering the starter runs for about 50 seconds for each start... 2 minutes of use would only be 2 starts and some change?
  5. ChefRob

    Flight Recovery

    Truth right there!
  6. ChefRob

    Frame rate drop after update to 1.1.8

    There has been a lot of changes made to the TBM between 1.1.4 to 1.1.8... 1.1.5 - Couldn't find the post 1.1.6 - not much in the update other than making synthetic vision a little less frame rate hungry. 1.1.7 - Seems to be more of a VR update and a under the hood for systems. 1.1.8 - Was a very small bug fix update so... But like @DwightP980 said with out a little more info there's really no way to tell you. Things like full system specs, scenery an kind of scenery, plugins, anything new you've added and so on. Everything you add to XP has the potential to eat away at frames. Have you tried removing all of your plugins and custom scenery and see if you get some frame rates back? Try deleting your shades and preference files and let XP rebuild them... Might help. Not knowing your system specs but your AMD Radeon R9 M395X's low clock speed and VRAM cloud be playing a part in it to.
  7. ChefRob

    1.18 TBM X-Plane shutdown

    I don't think by it's self... Has to be either a lua. script doing something of WT3 and how it's setup. I run WT3 and the only plugin have that you are running is HeadShake, I don't have AI popping up unless I turn on WT3. Can you do a short flight see if you can get it to happen again? Post the log from it... Can't hurt
  8. ChefRob

    Flight Recovery

    Ya... I pays to read the whole manual and all of them for that matter...Look on pages 5 & 6 section 4 in the UIGuide.pdf that is included in the TBM900 install folder. This is part of the "Airframe Manager"...
  9. ChefRob

    Second X-Plane freeze in 2 days

    I am inclined to side with @Goran_M on this along with quite a few other issues user have with the TBM are system specific... The TBM has been rock solid for me since 1.1.4 and every update it gets a little better! And I run my fair share of plugins, mesh and scenery both pay and freeware and just about flawless on a ok system. Just did a 2 hour flight from KVDF to KGPT and no stutters frame rate loss or anything, VNAV was spot on all of the way down to approach. Love this plane!
  10. ChefRob

    Excellent video on TMB900 icing

    Sounds like you didn't do something right then... Have run into icing conditions on 3 separate flights now in the TBM. One of then was from 16k down to surface with no problems.
  11. ChefRob

    Excellent video on TMB900 icing

    Since I've started fly the HS TBM... I find myself hoping I run into icing conditions.