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  1. ChefRob

    Pressurization issue

    That's why you follow a check list... You should actually commit the whole checklist to memory. Then you use the checklist as it should be used, as a check to see that each step was done.
  2. ChefRob

    Oil change...

    Just a friendly little bump... Hoping that @skiselkov sees this and would be able to shed some light on this.
  3. ChefRob

    Oil change...

    No... Totally understand that...110% and ya please just keep out of Saso's way and let him keep working his magic. The magic is strong with him and the TBM. Totally feel you there! I was asking the above because of that... I'm still on the very first airframe I started when I pickup the TBM... Coming up on 200 hours of flight time not including the 20 or so hours that it comes with all ready. I'm using the accelerated maintenance model and outside of a few O2 refills, one or 2 oil top offs, with the last update add GPU costs and I had a fuel pump go bad and I'm around 16k spent. I baby my TBM like I baby my RL C210M. I just wanted to know how the oil wear and tear was modeled/code to manifest itself in the TBM modeling because of how Saso coded it. And how closely he modeled it to the P&Wh PT6's needs. Because by what the P&Wh's manual and service bulletins state the you never really need to change the oil in the PT6's. I'm just interested in knowing how deeply and what parameters the wear and tear on the oil is set. Example... About 5 years ago I had my fuel pump go on my 210... It didn't burn out but a piece sheared itself off inside of the pump itself. Meaning to be safe I needed to have the whole system cleaned out from the pump forward to the engine. So my fuel pump failure was a mechanical one not and electrical type, like say if the pump motor just burned out. Now the systems in a turbine are setup a little different from a piston engine as a turbines oil system isn't for the motor but for the gears and gearbox as far as I understand their workings. So with knowing that I was asking what the wear and tear modeling is based on and how it is implemented in the TBM. We have both the option of topping off the oil and/or changing the oil. So if I assume that Saso has taken into account that both the RL TBM and RL P&Wh maintenance manuals state barring a failure of the cooling system say introducing cooling fluid (which I don't think it can in XP because it look's like the cooling radiator and fluid are not modeled or we would see them in the maintenance manager) into the oil system or dirt (which could be modeled as we can introduce new oil) has some how gotten in the oil... We really shouldn't have to ever change the oil in the TBM. So with this known the question is how is the wear and tear modeled/coded in the TBM... Is it based on hours the oil has on it or is the modeling/coding based on a physical foreign material like dirt or other. I ask cause of how deeply systems are coded and I don't want to be flying along and hit 500 hours on the same airframe in a year only to have the gearbox seize up because I hit a magic number that was coded into the wear and tear modeling/coding.
  4. ChefRob

    Oil change...

    @Goran_M I have a question that's been eating at me lately... It has to do with the maintenance page and the oil. Specifically the oil changing... How is this modeled in the TBM900? In RL life I'v seen numbers as low as every 50 hours of operation and numbers like never you just top it off. I know in a commercially used aircraft that records 100's to 1000's of hours the norm seams to be as long as the engine is on the aircraft and not pulled for maintenance it's just topped off when needed. And the assumption behind this is that even though turbines do burn off oil it is at a lower rate and is less destructive than a piston motor but still enough to be sufficient that the oil maintains much of it's integrity. The only thing could find was the Pratt & Whitney Canada Service Bulletin No. 14001 and it states on page 4 that an oil change is no long a necessity unless it is contaminated by things like transmission fluids, sand and so on. Is this what is being simulated in the HS TBM model? Has HotStart put say an hour rating on the oil to simulate this? Or and I know in real life color is a little important as well... Is this what we should be looking out for and if so... What and how dark of a color should we be looking for? So what are we looking at here in XP... Just wondering.
  5. ChefRob

    A Very Special Plane

    Really couldn't agree more with each comment above... The aircraft is one of the finest in XP, the development team is always on top of their game with updates and assistance in fixing issues or just helping out with the little things. The TBM 900 is not just a great aircraft and product... The HotStart team and the fact that you see that they care about it and it's end users experience with it that really make it stand out. Thanks to the whole HotStart team for bring this product and future products to XP!!!
  6. ChefRob

    Misc TBM questions

    As it is always good to know and understand the math behind everything to do with the performance of the aircraft you are flying. Well... Not good but should be a must. I use either this website or app (both iOS and Android) that is built for the real TBM to use in real life flight planning. They are stand alone apps and not connected to XP in anyway. But I have to tell you it's almost 100% spot on every flight I do with the TBM. Feed in all the information like fuel on board, pax weight start and destination airfields and so on and it spits out a lot of numbers. It even gives you current ATIS for both airfields you enter... Even has everyone of the TBM checklists and so on. It's a really hand app to check out.
  7. ChefRob

    Still on ice skates.

    Wind... Yes of course it will effect how the aircraft handles on the ground depending on wind direction and travel.
  8. ChefRob

    Weight Planning page

    The G1000 in the TBM is based off of what is offered in the stock LR G1000... With a few more add-ons that HotStart does with plugins. The LR G1000 doesn't have that page in it and HotStart hasn't done a plugin for it... Maybe in the future either LR or HotStart can/will make it happen, time will tell.
  9. ChefRob

    Still on ice skates.

    If as you are saying "it happens with all planes" as well then I have to say you have so settings dealing with your control input settings in XP itself. The latest update to the TBM has tamed it quite nicely. Using the proper taxi techniques and speeds the TBM handles like it's on rails now. I would suggest you also delete/remove that friction script you mentioned in your OP, then reset all of your response curves and set your other control sensitivity settings back to default. And start for there... Outside of tail daggers still being a bit challenging here and there. Ground handling in XP has become a lot better over the last couple of updates.
  10. ChefRob

    TBM900 Crashes Sim

    Hey @Goran_M quick question m8... with the above comment. Are you speaking of an addition the TBM team has added to the G1000 or what is offered in the stock LR G1000? Asking because of the stuttering and a couple other issue with the G1000 the effects even other aircraft using the G1000. I'm going to remove it and see for myself but just wanted your input as well.
  11. ChefRob

    TBM-900 Condensed checklists

    Hey @coolhand great job on this... Here's just an idea, would you be able or willing to break this up into pages? Would be great to be able to use this in the AviTab plugin.
  12. ChefRob

    Info message re cabin temp

    Same here... Running both the latest version of the TBM (1.1.9) and .33r2 version of XP. I'm actually getting some of the best performance so far... Loving this plane!
  13. To really help you out more we would need a lot more information... finding and attaching your log.txt file would give us that info.
  14. ChefRob

    Stuck at aircraft loading screen

    Could be .33b1 causing your issue or one of the many plugins you are running. I would suggest rolling back to .32 stable... Most developers won't/don't support Beta installs. See if that fixes the issue, if it doesn't you should next remove all of your addon pluggins except for ones that come stock with XP and the Gizmo plugin. The devs will ask you to do that anyway. After removing all of those plugins see if the TBM will load. If it does then you will at least know if it is either the Beta or plugins causing it. Then maybe try the Beta(with out all of the plugins) again and see if that was the issue. If it works you could try adding in plugins one at a time to see which one could be causing the issue.
  15. ChefRob


    I've had not one problem with the TBM no matter what version I've had. Most issues are mostly do to it not playing well with a random plugin or another. As for updating... Download the installer and run it, that's all you need to do. But I guess you can update it will XP is running but you'd still have to restart XP anyway so...