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  1. ILS not working

    Worked fine for me just now (KSFO 28R, navigraph data) - what airport/ILS did you have problems with? Can you reproduce it? Screen shots? The general procedure is to catch the VOR first and then intercept the glide slope from below, so you don't miss it.
  2. Reflection Detail and Scenery Flickering

    Try switching off the draw wingtip vortices option - I think other people have reported that option to cause flickering. Edit: See
  3. XP 11 flight model [status]

    Well i guess you could save them yourself but since the flight model is not updated to match the new ground effect calculations the behavior will be wrong/weird.
  4. Flightlevel question

    Well you can look up real flights using flightaware & co: (that's EGKK to EGLX which is not that far away) That said, 370 is much more realistic although I think that's for a light 737 (for me the FMC usually recommends around 350 for optimal crz altitude)- 130 would be for a really short hop.
  5. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    You can tweak the water's appearance via the water/fft_amp1-4 and water/fft_scale1-4 datarefs: If you want a great all around experience you will have to dynamically change those values according to your AGL using a plugin/lua script.
  6. Training Video's

    Just like you can have modified scenery you can also install custom Nav data to match the current airways and fixes (see for example If you didn't install a package like that you're running stock nav data. Looking at the pictures the altitudes definitely look weird: descending mid route and then climbing again. Not sure what would cause this. Does this happen every time you enter that route or only after a previous flight? Which SID and STAR did you choose? Can't seem to reproduce it on my system, but I do have custom nav data installed.
  7. Training Video's

    Entering the origin airport will indeed reset the route as you've discovered. The "UNABLE CRZ ALTITUDE" happens for me when for some reason the FMC thinks the aircraft won't make it to that altitude on that route for some reason. The route may be too short (doesn't seem to be the case here) or there are some weird altitude restrictions or problems in the nav data. So you if you encounter this again check the legs page for altitude entries and change them if needed. Also, sometimes the FMC's altitude calculations can just glitch-out. In any case it would help if you could state the exact route you entered (and custom nav data if any), so the devs can look at it. Distance increasing is often a case of a missed waypoint. The FMC then wants you to go back and fly over it before continuing. Entering a new next waypoint will fix that.
  8. Still weird that it shows no (or too low) frequency but correct AC voltage, if it is off shouldn't both be zero?
  9. FMC & map

    1) Put them on the same FMC (sub) page or do you mean always and automatically? Don't think that's possible. Edit: Or are you talking about the EHSI displays? In that case see 2) 2) Turn the F/Os ehsi selector to map. You can make both EHSI display the same information though, by setting the EFI selector on the overhead panel to "both on 1" or "both on 2"
  10. Nose Wheel Steering

    Well I suppose as soon as the main gear has touched down you need to center the rudder quickly anyway.
  11. Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    I'm setting it to 0.154 for the armed position in my little plugin and automatic deployment works just fine. If there's a better way to do it I'm sure one of the devs will chime in.
  12. Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    "ixeg/733/hydraulics/speedbrake_act" works for me.
  13. Unreadable cockpit dials X-Plane 11

    Make sure no other plugins are interfering - for example there was (is?) an issue with terra haze messing up the lighting. For the engine gauges you can select the "steam gauge" option in the preferences, which replaces the digital engine instrument with classic needle based ones that are much easier to interpret with a quick glance. And the fuel gauges are hard to read IRL as well from what I've read. Having said that here's a screen shot of how it looks on my system for reference:
  14. Well there's a Flight Operations sub forum.... .... and we've been moved there
  15. Plugins that cause Issues

    Better Pushback works fine with IXEG here. I think there's a thread about xEnviro and CTDs. Might be a good idea to test without any (active) plugin and see if your installation is stable then.