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  1. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    Did a few more tests without wind and no turbulences. At first I thought they were inconclusive, because I got drops to 6000 with both settings and sometimes both would behave well (~4000-ish). However during one test with a drop I noticed a slight stutter during the nose dive, which, I presume, was the result of either x-plane or an addon performing some loading action due to the view changing (my prime suspect is Skymaxx). Such a leap in the time continuum could easily throw off any PID controller. So I disabled (almost) all plugins and relocated the testing area out to open see. So far I haven't seen any unruly drop in the vertical speed there. Haven't tried with turbulences yet and the number of test has been rather small - running out of fuel However I currently think that drop is due to fluctuations in the physics, either in form of the frame rate (stutter or slow downs) or maybe wind speeds due to turbulences - not sure yet about the latter. Edit: It seems turbulences (set to 1) can cause this as well - although it seemed to be a little less extreme (would barely touch 6000) PS: Didn't know you can ditch planes in X-Plane - good thing the operations manual includes a ditching section. Drag seems a little low though. PPS: Hope the life vests are included with IXEG's model. PPPS: Send boats... or nudes... or both...
  2. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    I think I did a flight without turbulence and it was more or less the same, will try with MCP speed set to knots.
  3. Re-buy?

    With some tweaks you can use it in XP-11 already (the flight model is a bit off though) and to my knowledge there will be a free patch to make it XP-11 compatible.
  4. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    See attached a video (15MB) - if you need better resolution/sound, let me know. lvlch.mp4
  5. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    Same thing here: Selecting LVL CH at FL330 made the vertical speed drop to 6000+ fpm for about 2000ft before slowly recovering towards 2500 at FL290. Speed went up from .74 to .785+ (294)@~FL300 - still a bit below the red band though, so I didn't think much of it. This was with a ZFW of 48.3 tons plus 5.1t fuel left and a 42 knots headwind on XP-10.
  6. How to setup mimimum altitude

    For the barometric minimum descend altitude it's just a bug on the altimeter, so no callouts - if you use the the radar DH you get the "minimums" callout.
  7. Any news on that one? Still seems to be the case in V1.1 for me - should we re-post it in the bug forum?
  8. Known issue with 1.1 due to the XP-11 fixes.
  9. The altitudes are referred to as flight levels (FL170) above the transition altitude and as feet (17000) below - for example on the LEGS page. I don't think it impacts calculations (like VNAV) - I may be wrong though.
  10. It's under the custom commands for this aircraft (click the button next to the text line in the keys tab to open those) in XP-10 ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_disengage ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_A_cmd_toggle ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_B_cmd_toggle
  11. looks dull

    Well I found everything to look quite a bit grey-washed in XP11 due to the "realistic" haze. IMHO it's overdone for close ranges and some weather situations. You could try Reshade to get some more saturated colors in XP11 or use XP10 (like me)
  12. [Solved]Wing Lights Placement

    Well they'e called wing (inspection) lights because they light up the wing (e.g. to allow checking for ice in the dark) and that's a fairly good location for them Seems like they are a little bit more to the front in this aircraft, but it might be a different model. Edit: If you were looking for the landing lights - those are operated by the four switches on the bottom left of the overhead panel. The left two extend and turn on the outboard ones and the right two control the lights located at the wing roots.
  13. Most likely - I did a quick test on the online lua site ( and with 100 samples I would see numbers from 7.5 to 12.5 hours within a few clicks. OTOH I don't know how good the lua rand function really is.
  14. Nice testing - looks like it's working as intended. Probably a good idea to make the test variable local as well (or get rid of it) just in case - forgot that in my suggestion... LUA is weird
  15. Those were the days Getting the same failures over and over again would be a sign of using the same random seed for each run (which would produce the same number sequence every time).