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  1. respected dev sorry for late reply to you thanks i gotit
  2. respected developer in the near feature say around in 20days. q is should i need to deactivate my license for the above said period. If so what is the procedure to do this any help is really app. thanku
  3. resected dev thanks for rep have nice day
  4. respected developer download gizmo update installer from my regestered email and run the installer, this is whwt i got ,is this right.is it the latest one thanku for rep. Gizmo64_ImGui.ini Log.txt
  5. respected developer latest beta and igot this xplane 11.41 revert back to privious beta every thing ok Log.txt Gizmo64_ImGui.ini gizmo_prefs.txt
  6. respected dev thanks for answer,loking forward for update
  7. respected developer route-CYVR/26L DCT YVR DCT SEA DCT BUWZO KRATR2 KPDX/10R same here when i entered sea waypoint igot this in latest gizmo beta as well stable thanks Gizmo64_ImGui.ini Log.txt
  8. respected developer route-CYVR/26L DCT YVR DCT SEA DCT BUWZO KRATR2 KPDX/10R but when i entered sea in fmc igot error file attached tried different airac cycle but rssult same now having cycle 2006 did i do some thing wrong beacuse other boing and air bus iam having i can entere SEA waypoint with no problem,not here latest gizmo beta also tried with stable gizmo thanku Gizmo64_ImGui.ini Log.txt
  9. thank u respected senior simmer @Litjan help is much more appreciated, once again thank u .
  10. respected simmers and dev need help till now i am not able to activate these lights,Q is is it normal or it needs special situation or some kind of procedure which activate these light, thanku respected simmers Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  11. respected simmer got it seatbelt sign off thanks for reply
  12. respected simmer,developer thanks for the reply,highly apriceated thanks once again
  13. respected sinior simmers iam also getting this message when re installed os,or os update, but the hardwere same os is same ie-win 10 pro GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  14. respected simmers thanks for the reply will try this.tried earlier.still was darl.once again will try this once again thanks
  15. respected simmers need help,how can i iluminate passenger cabin,beacuse it is complete dark in the sky in night help is much more appriceated thanking yuo sir
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