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  1. No problem, I'm happy to help. Also happy that I've gotten the plane working and can fly it again! Just one note: Yes the navdata was causing this, but I'm not sure what you mean by FMC options etc - there was nothing entered into the FMC as it would stop working the moment the plane was loaded.
  2. Actually yes, I do have navigraph cycle 1804 installed for the 733, but I previously installed other navdata cycles when using the plane in x-plane 10. I'll try to get rid of the navdata, maybe even completely reinstall the plane, and see what happens. EDIT: You were right! I removed the custom navdata and replaced it with my backup of the original navdata and now the plane loads perfectly. I guess I messed up the installation somehow or it was corrupted, I don't know. Still doesn't explain the issues with X-FMC breaking x-plane, but that won't hurt me unless I try to uninstall it, which
  3. I tried all of this, and the results are confusing. 1. Introducing all plugins except X-FMC - 737 loads perfectly. 2. Introducing only X-FMC - 737 loads perfectly. 3. Introducing all plugins including X-FMC - 737 loads perfectly. 4. Uninstalling X-FMC - both X-Plane and the 737 load and work perfectly. This means that X-FMC may not actually be responsible for what is happening with the 737 in the other install, but it is definitely responsible for breaking that install when it is uninstalled. I do not understand why X-Plane breaks completely in that install but not in
  4. So, any ideas as to how I can fix this? Cause currently I am completely unable to fly this aircraft and honestly its starting to cause a very unpleasant feeling...
  5. It finally worked. I ran the XP11 installer again, it installed 2gb of ...something... (I have no idea how it managed to forget to install 2gb of stuff the first time round) and then the 737 loaded perfectly. No gizmo issues or problems with airfoils. (This is in the clean installation).
  6. Definitely picked XP11 every time I ran the installer. I've now installed it three times with the installer I had, and twice with the new installer I downloaded new. Same result every time - corrupt .afl files.
  7. Yes, completely clean copy, new install. I will try to re-download the installer from x-aviation and see if maybe my installer is broken somehow? What I don't understand is how the working .afl files from my main installation (the aircraft loads there, the only problem is with gizmo errors) get corrupted when I place copies of them in the new install and try to load the aircraft...
  8. Nope, reinstalled and its still telling me that the 'airfoil file is too old or corrupted' for hstab.afl, then if I replace it with the .afl from my main install it says that another airfoil is corrupted, etc. I Copy/pasted and replaced all the airfoils with working ones from the main install, and then it says they're all corrupted again.
  9. I installed a second copy of x-plane 11, then installed the 733 with the mac installer, and x-plane crashes when trying to load it. Apparently all the airfoils are 'old or corrupted'. Currently reinstalling the plane, will see if it works.
  10. I haven't tried that. Will try installing a clean copy and will see what happens.
  11. Yes, I am aware that X-FMC isn't meant to be used in X-Plane 11, but it had been working fine (and still is) so I kept using it. I would try not using X-FMC but as I said, any method of uninstalling it completely destroys x-plane...I guess I will have to go somewhere else to find a fix for that issue.
  12. Alright, I have figured out that X-FMC is causing all of these problems. I tried removing plugins one by one, got rid of flywithlua and groundhandling, all with the same result. Then removed X-FMC and got all the same problems as last night. Took around an hour to make x-plane work again, and basically I found that when you take X-FMC out of the plugins folder OR if you uninstall with the uninstaller it breaks legacy.glsl which will not work no matter what you do before you reinstall X-FMC. I ran the installer many times, tried messing with the files manually, nothing happens. legacy.glsl keep
  13. Ok, so trying to troubleshoot this has killed x-plane completely. I removed all my custom plugins except gizmo, started up x-plane and it said 'there was a problem processing a GLSL shader (something something) legacy.glsl'. The only solution I could find on the forums was running the installer to overwrite the corrupted legacy.glsl. It took 4 installer reruns to stop it happening. Then x-plane got stuck on 'done with pre-loading', with 'mem file error' in the log.txt. I quit it, restarted, and then legacy.glsl broke again. Now I'm running the installer for the second time already and its not
  14. I was running all the plugins I have now before, except for groundradar. I'll try to test if it works without that first thing, then if it fails will move on to other ones and get back to you.
  15. I updated to X-Plane 11 last week and correspondingly reinstalled the 733. Ever since then when I first load the aircraft, OR use Developer > Reload Aircraft, OR force reload using the Gizmo menu, OR reload into one of the flight start states using the IXEG menu - basically any time the plane is loaded using any method this happens: The gizmo console pops up displaying an error: 'Run(timer): run_fmc: [string "ixeg.733.fmc.gui.lua.ra1"]:906: attempt to index upvalue 'crd' (a nil value)' What happens in the cockpit as a result of this: EITHER: The right FMC screen is blac
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