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  1. Hi, I just purchased this aircraft. Ovation III : On G1000 I can not set the Com Frequencies e.g 128.125: I can set the 128 but not the 125 part. no chance, so the a/c is unflyable for me. Same on the Garmin 530... Better explained. The inner ring don´t move, also not with a joystick button programmed. Any help ? Best Steff P.S.: Checked the behaviour at the default Cessna, it´s the same. So, no Mooney Problem...Solution: FlyWithLua switched off and it works now...
  2. After loading deefault Cessna loaded the TBM and : Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  3. Dear Goran, I highly appreciate you engagment. I remember we had a chat years ago at my first visit on x-aviation and you suggested the SF340 to me, which I immediately purchased after the chat. So I know that you are serious in clients relations. But my time to use the simulation is short, and if I go into the sim, I just want to fly and learn about systems, handling IFR stuff using Vatsim etc. I have no fun to test all the time, what I did with the TBM, knowing that this bird is obvously the best in its class for X-Plane. Yes it is. But unfortunately not for me. It is how it is. Th
  4. Dear Goran, I did all of this. Again and again. It seems this aircraft ist made for better pilots than me. I never had such difficulties to handle a machine since ever. I just want to fly an aircraft not fiddeling around to get it run straight forward on ground for days and days. Thats not my intention using simulators. So, as great as this aircraft is made by you. I am out for that. Thanks and best wishes. Steff
  5. Guys, for me with CH stuff it´s impossible to roll on the runways. Neither at take off nor at landings. I tried it now for several days hours for hours. I for myself have no chance. Simmer since the late 80-ies, but this aircraft is to much for me. I quit. back to the hangar with it. I tried all settings step by step and found out: this aircraft isn´t made for me. I am sorry... Best Steff
  6. Okay, everything works with GTN750 and the 530 switched on. Good to know how to handle. Thanks for advising me ! Steff
  7. So. Flying using the 530 and everything works. Your guess seems to be the problem. Next I`ll try to use GTN750 and switch the 530 to on. lets have a look... Will report.. Steff
  8. Yes that can be the reason, I will test. I used the GTN 750 and switched off the 530. Just wanted to prepare my arrival at the destination and set the course of VOR 1. I´ll give it a try, but unfortuantely I am busy today with real life things... so... Thanks!! Steff
  9. ..trying to set Nav Course for VOR 1. Xp 11.26, Saab 340 1.5.1. On every flight. Where can I find thre Gizmo.log? Best Steff Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  10. Hi, I was searching in the forum, but. After editing a DCT TO in the FMC the hole simulation goes down to 4FPS from 40. Version 1.21 and XP11.21. Any help? Thx in advance Steff
  11. Guys, it is how it is: It works again. No idea why. Can´t reproduce the failure/mistake, sorry. But thank you all for jumping in and try to help!! Best Steff
  12. Sorry Goran, yes Here we are: Batt1 + 2 on Connecting External Power via the Menu left Switching EXT Power on on Overhead panel Bringin up both Cond levers to start position Starting number one, waiting until BEEP then to UNF position Starting number two, waiting until BEEP then to UNF position Waiting for generators getting into work Switching all the electronics on plus Standby Pitot and bleeds Flaps first position, Trimm checked Parking brake released, Steering enabled thust to taxi thrust, blocked by the barrier Engines spooling u
  13. Hi, I flew the340 very often. Since yesterdsay the following occurs: Starting both Engines #1 and#2 using External power. After Generators switching on,disconnecting EXT Power. At begin of taxi ENG#2 gets off again without any reason to see. What can be wrong? Best Steff
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