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  1. Set your departure time at the FBO to a shorter one, (10 min) and they will come earlier.. Steff
  2. To test what the problem is, just think about what you changed at least. I for myself installed Skymaxx5.0 and in the log I found an entry abour Silverlining, which is a part of Skymaxx. After deinstalling Skymaxx I had no further problem til now... So to speak: Solved ! And: CL650 is not to blame... Best Steff
  3. Sorry but I have to report a CTD after appr. 200hrs flying this great aircraft without ana problems. Situation: Approch to LSZA (Lugano) CTd see attached files Hope there is some explanation.. Best Steff Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  4. Yes it is Maximum Take Off Flaps. move it to "1" and save all config´s. Worked on my side.. Steff
  5. There is a slider for flaps warning in X-RAAS in the right below corner, I think you have to move it far right... and save the stuff. Just remembering... Steff
  6. Hi, I am always wondering what criteria user lays on a simulated arcraft in Flightsimulations. For me I am sitting in the cockpit and try to study all the technical stuff what Hotstart provided in a very impressing way. There is a lot to learn about. Until now I had not one look to the wings, to see if or how much they move.. Imaging real pilots are practicing in a real simulator, and complain about no wingflex. Funny.. Sorry this is my humble opinion, take it as a joke... Best Steff
  7. Hi Jr, thank you for the explanation. Best Steff
  8. ..inflight? Yes, I know, in the study I can find a sheet with all informations, but, how obtain real pilots the amount of oil? Best Steff
  9. Hi, I can move the door, but not lock... Best Steff
  10. Hi, what means this in my log file ? 2022-01-11 19:09:16 CL650[waas_api.c:205]: Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found) Best Steff
  11. Look into the menues, at Config Steff
  12. https://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/BOMBARDIER/CHALLENGER 605.html A source for some stuff Best Steff
  13. A reset of the CG helped me. Just typed the 25 in again. Try this.. Best Steff
  14. Hi, I just purchased this aircraft. Ovation III : On G1000 I can not set the Com Frequencies e.g 128.125: I can set the 128 but not the 125 part. no chance, so the a/c is unflyable for me. Same on the Garmin 530... Better explained. The inner ring don´t move, also not with a joystick button programmed. Any help ? Best Steff P.S.: Checked the behaviour at the default Cessna, it´s the same. So, no Mooney Problem...Solution: FlyWithLua switched off and it works now...
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