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  1. Manual N1 limit setting

    Thanks Jan. cheers Rob
  2. Manual N1 limit setting

    If you are correct then that means the ixeg has it wrong on the N1 bug manual setting logic. No big deal either way but clarification would be great. Rob
  3. Ok I admit i've hit a block wall here and need your help. Using the classic round gauge style engine instruments, on the N1 gauge you have the N1 bug ref. Push the little knob in and it displays the FMC desired N1 setting and the digital display blanks out. Pull knob out and you manually set desired N1 and digital display shows the setting as well. I tried this, set #1 to 77% and left #2 in auto. Selected an N1 Lvl Change on MCP, #1 eng went to 77% N1 and #2 went to 88%. Ok, so it worked, or so I thought. Since I have the real gauge I wanted to interface this feature. I have the schematics for the gauge and 2 different POH's for the 737. I searched and searched and found nothing that said when in manual N1bug limit setting what happens. In fact it says Autothrottle not affected in the real manuals. If thats the case then why in the ixeg 733 did it the #1 engine not go past my setting? See there is NO output in the real gauge to tell anything in the plane what you have the N1 bug set to in manual mode. I reached out to some real 737 pilot friends, they tested in a real sim, said its for reference only. So what gives here, is the ixeg 733 wrong? Manuals wrong? Other pilots wrong? If my explanation isn't clear let me know and i'll try again. If the ixeg is correct then could someone please show me where the signal comes from or where it goes or what computer controls that system as it is not in any of my documentation. Thanks, Rob
  4. Thinking of buying...

    Use your brain and calculate, much more fun and rewarding to fly on PE in /A mode. Thats why I like the 733, modern engines with old school instrument flying. FYI the simple formula used by most will get you at all the restrictions. Even my young kids can do it. Rob
  5. CPFlight IXEG Plugin

    Andrea, It will be compatible with the default 737 and the Popular freeware modded 737, can't remember the name at the moment. Rob
  6. Hello,

    do you have the plugin for the IXEG 737-300 to be used with CP Flight El. ?

    I'm very interesting on it, also if you have for other planes ... such as x737 or default one by Zib.

    Thanks a lot, cheers.



    1. 737NUT


      I'll let the author know you are interested.



    2. lipq2009


      Hi Rob,

      any news about that?

      I'm really really interested.

      Thanks a lot, cheers.


  7. Thanks Guys! I have been working on this project for just under 3yrs so far. Takes allot of patience for sure . Rob
  8. Made this short video this morning using IXEG 737-300, XP11, and XEnviro in my 733 Sim. Any questions feel free to ask. Sure could use a co-pilot! https://youtu.be/vOdekHhpKSA
  9. Autothrottle datarefs

    You can find slip clutches on ebay, look for PolyClutch
  10. Autothrottle datarefs

    Compare the throttle handle's current position to the dataref desired position and determine if it is less or more and power motor in correct direction to null out the difference. Cool thing is, when AT is not active, the handle position always matches desired position so the motors dont try to run either direction. No on/off logic or anything needed. Works great.
  11. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    #1) Yes, its in the plugin. ArdSim is good but with IXEG you need more customization of code. #2) Know that feeling lol #3) I went one step farther, i flash the AT Arm led on disconnect as a reminder to switch off physical switch on mcp
  12. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    What hardware and plugin are you using? I am using Teensy and it's plugin, we are doing dataref reads every few milisecs and comparing and updating switch and annunciators Also as you know it's a mix of datarefs and commands. Rob
  13. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    I really should upload a video of how good the MCP works but that would give CPFlight to much business It only works good because my friend wrote a plugin that actually works unlike the cpflight supplied one.
  14. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    Not true, I have the MCP from CPFlight working perfectly with IXEG (custom plugin) and before that had a n older -200 AP working with it. It's all in the programming and yes, Gizmo is very touchy on inputs but Ben said he would work on that. It took me a long time to get my sim to work within the Gizmo and IXEG parameters but it is doable.