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  1. What are these "major" features that are missing. When I flew it last night it had 2 engines, a wing, an instrument panel, rudder and horizontal stab. What else major do you want?
  2. 737NUT

    N1 logic startup

    Just an FYI for you Chris737, in the real plane, the starter cutoff switch is controlled by a relay in the N2 gauge which activates at 46% N2. I have real gauges in my sim and i have found no problems with realistic engine starts. I have the exact gauges you show in the above video. Rob
  3. 737NUT

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Morten, Just for clarification, the pilot that flew my sim currently flies the exact aircraft as the ixeg 733 Jet2Go still has the classic series in use. Also he gave the ixeg very high praise for authenticity other than the flare issue and made it clear to him that was an xplane issue and not the ixeg. As we all know, x-plane is a moving target. Rob
  4. 737NUT

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    I have mine at 5%
  5. 737NUT

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Just so you know i wasn't knocking your approach as Lord knows most of mine are not any better. LOL But your approach helps mask the issue of the XP11 issues near the ground.
  6. 737NUT

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Thanks Morten and I agree it started with the update Austin did in XP11. I put a stupid amount of hours on my sim weekly so i probably notice more then most and can tell when something has changed. I think my setup allows me to feel or sense things in a different way as i don't use much automation on my flights. /W and OEM for the win. Rob
  7. 737NUT

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Watched the NY vid, you dove it down the last few hundred feet, What was your GW? You didn't have much fuel so I will guess around 104K lbs, if so your airspeed was way high at what looked to be 145, Blury so hard to tell exact numbers. If I fly it in that manner it is easier to flare and hold since it is coming in Hot. I also bet you are using a joystick It's ok, just an observation Rob
  8. 737NUT

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Just my humble .02 cents worth and I will say this, I had a real and current 733 pilot from the UK in the sim and he noticed the exact same thing. Bottom falls out at 50ft and we have to bury the yoke in our gut to save it. You will never notice it using a joystick, guarantee it. I have my yoke set to boeing specs on travel and it is impossible to land realistically with real control movements. I have fooled it temporarily by limiting amount of aft control movement in the calibration setup within x-plane and it is much closer to normal now but still not "right" All of us need to remember that control set-up, plane set-up and x-plane set-up, all have an affect on our perception of feel. But when I saw the description of the other poster's I had to chime in to confirm the presumed issue. It is there but why and how I have no clue. I just know it is different from XP10 version and Pre-11.11 i believe. Rob
  9. Easiest way is type into the search bar what you are looking for.
  10. Datarefs were added to allow people to interface with the autopilot annunciators and various modes of automation when using the AP. Example, when you disconnect the A/T you get a flashing red indicator that when pushed, cancels the flashing red light. Same with AP and also there is an amber FMC light. Then when flying with AP on in the upper part of the EADI, you see what mode the AP is in, LNAV, HDG, VOR/LOC etc as well as the pitch modes like VNAV, VS, LVL CHG, etc. Lastly you have the CRZ, CLB, CON, etc modes of AT. There were also some added for Flight Director Bars and LNAV cross track but none of these are working at the moment and they are aware of it. All this was done with sim builders in mind. Rob
  11. 737NUT

    [Confirmed] New datarefs not working

    That is bad news for sure. Is there not another person capable of linking the datarefs? Not trying to be pushy as I know this is for builders and not your general buyers but my project and a few others were relying heavily on the promise of supporting builders as well. If you could at least get the FD and xtrk error working it would save some projects from ending. Thanks Rob
  12. 737NUT

    [Confirmed] New datarefs not working

    Any updates on this bug?
  13. I checked all the new datarefs you guys added, (thank you by the way) but unfortunately they are always reporting 0.000000 Can you confirm and let me know. Thanks Rob
  14. I can toggle it on but not off. Is there something i need to change in the LUA script?