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DataRef Opencockpits Multi-radio (ADF1 & ADF2)


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Hi guys,

Is someone using the Ixeg733 with the Opencockpits Multi-radio (in mac OS x) in X-plane11.30.

I installed the plugin from "pikitanga" available on forums.x-plane.org so that the module is linked to Xplane through a USB input (OCUSBMAPPER is the plugin).

All is working perfectly, except the ADF1 & ADF2 functionality.

I noticed with datareftool that i can change the values of the NAV1, NAV2, COM1, COM2 ... by pressing some buttons in the Datareftool Command part. But when i filter on ADF (in the datareftool command) i can't modify any ADF values on the pedestal module of Ixeg (displays of ADF1 and ADF2). The only way to change the freq of ADF's is to turn to the buttons on that pedestal.

Is there another way to force those values on the pedestal with variables available in X-plane?

The thing is that i can see the values being modified in the datareftool (variables) window when turning and pushing the buttons on my multi-radio unit of Opencockpits.

Once i know any variables that i could use to modify the displayed values in the ixeg 733 ADF displays, then i can modify them in the script of "Pikitanga".

Thanks for your input if you have a way to help me out.





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