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    Is this still alive?

    Check out this thread: The project is still in development as it seems. They are in the phase of redesigning FMC which will use the new XP1100 dataset. This will allow for better/easier progress performance predictions, holding calculations and so on. Basically the things many of us have been eagerly awaiting will now have the foundation to be built on. It does seem that the team has a lot of real life obligations though, so we must be patient and understanding of the fact.
  2. aljaz41


    I too was pleasantly surprised with Tom's post. In the latest update he talks about the succsessful implementation of XP1100 database format into the new FMC. Does anyone know if XP10 supports this or does it mean I would have to upgrade my X-Plane?
  3. aljaz41

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    I don't doubt it's been a hard year for everyone involved in the project but thank you so much for your work guys! I'm really looing forward to it.
  4. aljaz41


    Excelent job Tom! Looks like you had lots of fun flying this tour. I noticed you are using some fancy app or something to track your flights? Do you mind sharing what it is exactly?
  5. aljaz41


    Well I'm thinking of doing around Africa IFR tour. Seems like a nice tour with most likely amazing scenery.
  6. It's the 25 kHz increment that's causing this. There are four values before 0.x changes (for example 118.0, 118.025, 118.05, 118.075, 119.0). It's just rounded up.
  7. I am doing the tutorial flight 4 (full flight with FMS) and I got to the point of entering the route into the FMC. I've followed the tutorial but strangely I do not get the expected behaviour. As can be seen from the attached pictures, up to the point of the SID BODRU 6A being entered everything looks fine. However, as I enter the first airway and the TO waypoint, the FMC now shows that the SID ends with AMIRO. The LEGS page stays the way they should, however.
  8. aljaz41

    The IXEG 733 actual equipment and systems onboard

    Classics don't have INS, they do however have IRS. So you shouldn't include I in the FP. My guess would be the following: D F G H L O R S V W I'm looking forward to soemone explaining this a little bit better, especially what should be included in the remarks under NAV/ and PBN/
  9. aljaz41

    [1.0.7] LNAV not following SID route

    Thanks @tkyler. I found another problem regarding LNAV but in this case the waypoints aren't that close together. Departing LJLJ runway 12 and following either BERTA 2D or GIMIX 2D which both require a right turn after MG to intercept QDR 177. However, after passing MG the plane initiates a right turn but it never levels off on a 177 track. Instead it maintains right bank, doing 360s. I assume these two problems are not related but of course I might be wrong.
  10. aljaz41

    PFPX IXEG profile

    Jan posted an answer about this same thing a few months ago int this topic. Basically the flight model is the same because the difference it makes is negligible.
  11. aljaz41

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    I was on a trip to Czech Republic for the past few days and when I saw the title of this topic I thought to myself "Are you serious? Really? Now?". It was kind of funny to check the forum at least a couple of times a day and not to see the announcement and then here I see it while traveling. I'm glad that it is on the finish line at last and congratulations to the team for the result of a hard work.
  12. aljaz41

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - April 10th

    One question for Jan. Since the air speed tape on the EADI doesn't have flap speed bugs, do you have to memorize the required speed for all the flaps settings by heart or do you glance down at the FMC or is it that there's a cheat sheet table in the cockpit somewhere?
  13. aljaz41

    Anolog engine gauges or Digital

    I will mostly use analog, although this is subject to change when I actually get the aircraft . But looking at the pictures, analog gauges somehow make me feel a little bit closer to the "steam gauge" era and thus a little further away from the automation.
  14. aljaz41

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - March 12th

    Would have been much simpler But hey, kudos to you guys for your thorough testing, looking forward to trying it myself.
  15. aljaz41

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - December 1st

    Then why are the gear indication lights red Great job guys and thanks for the picture.