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Found 7 results

  1. When ever I try to use vertical speed or even VNAV it instantly disengages. Wont turn on even when Autopilot A is on. Does the same with Autopilot B. This is super frustrating as I just want to fly my favorite aircraft. I am having to resort to flying other aircraft that I don't enjoy as much as this one. This is a super stressful situation I have even tried reinstalling the aircraft.
  2. Just did a quick flight from KSDF to KMDW. I programmed an RNAV approach, and this may be the first time I've tried an RNAV approach with the 733. Anyhow, I don't care for VNAV much, so I always fly with LNAV activated, and I control altitude and speed with the MCP. However, during this flight, everytime I crossed a waypoint, the VNAV would turn on, and try to take control. I would then turn it off, and resume MCP control, but at the next waypoint, the VNAV would come on again. I eventually just turned LNAV off, and that stopped VNAV from coming on by itself. Question: If a RNAV approach is selected, does this then force the use of VNAV during the flight? Tim
  3. Hello I've recently purchased the Saab 340 and this is my first aircraft which has its LNAV and VNAV based of the Garmin GPS, So you can tell I already ran into some problems. After loading in my route and activating the first leg I take off and at about 500 feet i activate the button labeled NAV and Climb, after which the plane procedues to spiral into the ground. Another thing I've noticed is that the FD indicator is always pointing away form the course I've set on the GPS. any bit of help is appreciated. as far as specs go this is what i run: XP: 10.51 (latest release) Saab 340 1.3 Win 10: GTX 1060, 16gb ram, Intel core i7
  4. The flightplan is: LIPX LUMA5S LUMAV UZ982 ANC UL612 TRL UJ65 BAVES LGIR LNAV is engaged but it doesn't even perform the first right turn as per SID, the plane goes straight ahead indefinitely. Can anybody replicate it please? I tried several times but without success. Using Aerosoft NavdataPro cycle 1607. Thanks. Cris GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  5. Sorry for the title of this post, I didn't find anything more suitable to describe this experience in just a few words. So here's what happend on my last flight from LEMG to LEPA, using this route: LEMG 13 ROLA1H ROLAS UN851 IZA IZA1P LEPA 24L (IAP: ILS Z 24L, MJV transition) Navigation data used: NDP AIRAC 1605 I started descending some 25NM before the calculated T/D using V/S mode (VNAV mode was not used during whole flight, but the FMS was completely set up so it could have been used, even including ISA and wind). Lateral navigation was done using LNAV mode (engaged shortly after TO and maintained for the whole flight until final). Passing waypoint IZANB (first fix of the STAR, comes after the T/D), the LEGS page got "stuck" on that waypoint - i. e. it continued displaying it as the active waypoint. Also the VNAV path indication showed its deviation based on that waypoint, as if the aircraft had never reached it. At the same time however (remeber I was flying with LNAV) the flight director continued tracking perfectly the magenta line to X232 and SABAS without any issue (despite two HDG changes on these segments). Usually when missing a waypoint, LNAV will make you go round in circles until you alter the routing or properly intercept the missed WP. So to me it seems the VNAV part of the FMS and the CDU "lost" the route progress, while the LNAV part of the FMS correctly followed the route - the HSI consequently however did not highlight the waypoint LNAV was flying me to. Maybe this screenshot helps illustrating the situation: Next thing I tried is recovering VNAV and the legs page. Directly after having passed SABAS, I activated MJV (next waypoint after SABAS) by coyping it to LSK1 and EXEC. The legs page was then updated accordingly, however the VNAV deviation was still stuck at IZANB, and the HSI was still not highlighting MJV as active waypoint (however LNAV was not much impressed by this, it tracked the WP anyway): After the aircraft passed MJV and started tracking MJV11 (next waypoint after MJV), without further intervention from my side, the situation recovered: the LEGS page updated automatically to MJV11 the VNAV path deviation shrunk to something plausible (MJV11 has an at or above restriction on it, so the FMS estimation was not visible at that moment - therefore just "plausible", but correct with high probability) HSI shows MJV11 as active waypoint (magenta highlighting) Attached the log files (Gizmo will show you the mandatory soft crash for me having forced a debug output on this, but since it seems like a VNAV/LNAV story, I thought it could be useful...) IXEG_debug_06.txt GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  6. Reference: IXEG B733 version 1.0.3, NDP AIRAC 1605 Another STAR that does not draw correctly. First I thought it's along the same book as and there are certainly some similarities; the wrong turn direction is again linked to a "virtual" waypoint with a fly-by tag (cf. attached nav data extract file). However, one thing intrigued me about this one, and it was the fact that I thought I remembered the route had looked correctly when checking in draft mode (the dashed blue line before EXEC). So I simply chose the STAR again, and yes, I was right about that one: Also true if the STAR is re-selected on the DEP APP page: So in draft mode, the STAR is drawn correctly with a left turn, but after EXEC the turn is reversed (cf attached IXEG_debug_03.txt). Again, setting the questionable waypoint (WP ID 3 "(INTC)") to Fly-over fixes the whole story (cf attached IXEG_debug_04.txt) : I'm currently trying to find a rule when a virtual WP needs to be considered Fly-over, so I can automatically create a list of procedures that require updating. Before, my guess was that only ConstHdgToAlt WPs at the beginning of a STAR were concerned, now I think it's rather: Any virtual WP of the type ConstHdgToAlt or Intc But only if the subsequent WP is of type Normal No matter if there's a Normal or virtual WP predecessing the questionable WP Can anyone confirm? IXEG_debug_03.txt EBBR.25R.SPI3D.xml IXEG_debug_04.txt
  7. Hello ! Thank you for this awesome add-on. But I have some problem with LNAV calculation (wave-shaped road) especially when I made a "Direct To" on SID departure FMC database : Default > NavdataPro 1509 SID : OKTET6E/6A (CONV and RNAV) at LFMN. Same problem at LFKJ and also on a few other location. Speed/altitude limitation disappear, except FL380 while my CRZ LVL is FL320 :
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