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  1. Loudie

    IXEG sounds for dev (raw sounds)

    Alright, just PM me and we'll get it sorted out. Cheers, Max
  2. Loudie

    IXEG sounds for dev (raw sounds)

    Jan, Shall I upload them or go on do it next time again and than see if I can get that noisy AC off, when you guys request for sounds? Cheers, Max
  3. Loudie

    IXEG sounds for dev (raw sounds)

    Hahah I knew you can also enter the cockpit But I don't know if the 737 sim is gone by Lufthansa so I tought I gave my self up for free to help for maybe textures or sounds. Cheers, Max
  4. Hello IXEG and all the people around, I have 24/7 access to a full motion sim of a 737 classic. I made some sounds you can use without my approval (for IXEG only!). I hope it's something that can be handy. You also can request sounds from me if you'd like to. Yes I do like the default sound as it is now. But maybe add some extra sounds or replace some? For other users, you need to ask my approval if you want to use it for your self. I put 1 example in it + picture of the cockpit (in this post, the WeTransfer file got over 600mb of files in it) Note: These are raw sounds and un-edited (I point with the camera what sound I go record, than I flip the phone and put the mic nearby) Download link via WeTransfer due upload limit: !!will be uploaded tonight!! (Link is valid for a certain amount of time) --- !! I will upload the link when I'm back home (internet is here very slow) as said I put 1 example in it !! ----- IMG_0761.MOV < example video
  5. Loudie

    What is a very crap helpdesk

    Ben, Agreed about the piracy, it is small business and piracy would impact it quite hard and probaly would also leave a good scar afterwards regarding the market if there are a great number of people doing that. I know about piracy and how they do it, I'm not one of the users though. But as s you said, the markt here is a little dime towards flappy bird, and leaves a good dent when people start sharing their products. I did share products back in the days, and I do regret it. I did share PMDG products with a best friend, lost more than 200 some bucks. (whole account got blacklisted and locked) did it 1 time and never again. Anyway I'm out, I'm happy that everything works accordingly I have nothing to moan about. Good morning/afternoon/evening/night y'all!
  6. Loudie

    What is a very crap helpdesk

    Ash, sadly had I also not the best experience with costumer services via their ticket system, first time I got ignored, after sending another ticket to it I finally got a response, and I responded on that with 1 more question but they ignored me till this day. Anyway, their good guys I can see that the way they are responding to other people via this forum, but for some reason not always the email get thru or isn't important enough so you have to remind it by sending them another email, not that bigga deal but it's quite time consuming. Further just good people, nice looking forum/website so my compliments about that.
  7. Loudie

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    If in X-Plane 10, it looks like some dynamic reflections on the body. But not sure if it does have it now. X-Plane 11 will be provideded with this feature I can't wait to see the IXEG fly into that.
  8. The feeling when you hear the words "release" and "successful" Now It is a while ago I had a girlfriend and was missing the feeling of love, it just came back reading this. What did they call them? The feeling of butterflies in your stomach?
  9. To me honestly it doesn't really matter which liveries will be released upon release of the ixeg, even if it's the default ixeg livery. As long the ixeg team self is healty and beta testing is going good without to many set backs than I'm all fine
  10. Loudie

    I require the FMC should be replaced.

    Right... I promise you, no one can say when it's going to release with or without FMC, the only one who can decide that is the IXEG team them self, pointless post Vantkruv...
  11. Reading thru the comments with a big smile all the way. Thank you for the info Tom. If you want Tom I can clean your 737 before you roll it out in the public of all the beta testing
  12. Used in PMDG 737 3 times VNAV, and I won't press the button again as it's useless to me. However I do respect the work you put into it, my compliments. Have a nice day "ya'll"
  13. Loudie

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 12th

    Outstanding work! Love it!
  14. Sorry for the one star. Some childeren these days have bad habbits.