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  1. And disable Ultra Weather if you use that.....
  2. Sorted, it was because I used my old prefs file as I didn't want to setup the views again! Fresh install and the keys are workings, along with many other options!
  3. I'm sure it is, will correct mine soon.
  4. No stutters here and setup is the same as pre patch....although I have a couple of other points but I need to test them before posting my results (keyboard shortcuts not working anymore). PS The views were reset again in this patch! But I had my old prefs file ready!
  5. Good to hear. I have this problem too, my rudder is a small thumb joystick on my CH Throttle, the spring is a bit weak and it sits slightly left of center and I need to ease it right during cruise. Or I should leave it left and pretend I'm in an Airbus?
  6. Can you correct it by giving a small input when flying in autopilot?
  7. Make sure your controls are centred and calibrated, you can also put the control outputs as data refs on the screen. Also make sure aileron and rudder trim are neutral. Best way is to assign a key to centre them to be sure.
  8. Hi Jan A very old topic, I know! But any chance this update can be added to a future patch? I have no idea how much work is involved and since I don't see others asking about it them it doesn't have to be a high priority. I can't get ATIS at EGPH, 131.355, easy enough to check on Skyvector, but you know, sometimes XP isn't right up to date. Cheers Edit: Actually, you know what, I will just change the freq in the apt.dat to 131.350 and it will work then!
  9. I've not heard any complaints about autobrake not working for no reason, usually there is an explanation for it, such as toe brakes being applied by pedals, or spoiler not armed etc. I can say in the last few months I have landed 100 times, every time the reversers are on before the nose gear touches, and the autobrake works just fine. I done 3 short hope last night with the latest beta (KPVD-KBED-KASH-CYQL) and all working perfect. Here is my landing at EGPE a week ago, autobrake 3 (prob should have used max) and you can see I switch to manual braking at 1:21 (autobrake disarm ligh
  10. AviTab! -300 pilots use pen, paper, stopwatches..never ask about VNAV limitations, and carry a sextant for Oceanic crossings!
  11. Perfect explanation. No idea why I was using it. Will test it later and see if that relates to my C of G question also.
  12. Having done far too many 2000nm+ flights in this aircraft, I can also say I have never seen a drift of the line in LNAV, so I doubt it's to do with the route length.
  13. PROBLEM SOLVED! This happened on a few recent flights, my latest flights however work fine. Pretty sure I entered a value on the ACT PERF INIT - PLAN/FUEL value! I don't know why, never used this line before. But now I see it does some funky stuff with the GW! I still have to check if this caused the incorrect GW when I did a turn around, I think there is a good chance it will. Can you explain in a few words what this line does? One other thing, to save me starting a new topic. My takeoff C of G is always 4.2, regardless of data input. Is this correct? Again I though
  14. Ok, will do a bit more testing and see if I can work out what is going on Cheers Iain
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