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  1. Ok, just switched to Beta, had to update my Nvidia drivers, ran it, and it's exactly the same problem. Pulsing with turn around, ok with cold and dark. Game looks much crisper, better colours and contrast and smoother. But doesn't resolve the problem. I'm just updated 20 mins ago and it's build 13. I'm sure your busy with 1.32, so concentrate on that I will try some things to see if I can get closer to solving this. Cheers
  2. Put it on your to do list and get to it when you can. I can avoid it for the future no problem. Would be good to know though as it could pop up again for a larger number of users and be more problematic to fix. I think it's time to switch to Vulcan, good reason to do it. Might manage this evening, if not then tomorrow. Cheers
  3. Oh, I run 11.41, never went beta. But was planning to make he switch soon.
  4. Eh..no. That used to be a thing a while ago , how do you switch to Open GL?
  5. It starts about 10nm out, 4nm away gets severe, even at 9000ft it's severe when overheard, and gets slowly better until at around 10nm it goes away.
  6. No luck, start cold and dark, and when about 3nm from EGNS, pulsing from 60 to 10 FPS and unflyable. Turning back to EGAC now. Open for any other ideas or testing. I'm thinking C & D at EGNS, takeoff, go 50nm then return and see if it pulses. Also, what could be triggering it in "turn around state", that isn't in cold and dark, even after starting. Is there something and amateur like me might forget to start in cold and dark that would trigger it? Thanks for all your time and help so far, much appreciated.
  7. Just tried that, reboot and reset on relocate do not help. Only this so far is to start from C & D. I'm at Befast EGAC, will do a short hop to EGNS from C & D now and see what happens. Can see the flight here..... https://public.airspaces.app/
  8. Setting Cold and Dark in preferences solves the problem. Started her up in the correct way, taxi out to runway, tried every sound I could (started engines with window open..very cool) and FPS always 75. On runway, set aircraft to turn around, now FPS pulsing down to 15, set again to cold and dark, stable at 75, set to ready to fly, FPS pulsing. So mystery not yet solved but maybe this tells you something. Next test, fly from Dublin or Belfast to Isle of Man but start from cold and dark and see if it's ok on arrival, and try the same from turn around. Will try that in a few hours. Cheers
  9. Well there you go. Cold and Dark status and apply....fixed it! I'm pushed for time, but got APU on, hydraulics on, IRS is aligning now, and still a steady 75FPS. Will do some more testing later and report back.
  10. Thanks for the feedback so far. Yeh, I really only fly the IXEG or the SF260. IXEG is 90% Orbx, UK2000, Aerosoft airports. Keep a steady 30-35fps. Day time I run non HDR with 16x AA and number of objects one less than max. At night, I run HDR, 4x AA (8x can get FPS lower than 25), as I need the HDR lighting and at night the jaggies 4x makes are not noticable. The EGNS problem is 2 problem, one is the FPS pulsing, but the game is speeding up and slowing down, from maybe 10x speed to 1/4 speed in sync with the FPS pulsing. I really don't think it's the scenery taxing my system. I have 75FPS here in the IXEG with pulses, with other aircraft it's also 75FPS stable. Jump to Orbx Leeds or London City and can have 30 FPS, but stable. I already tried cold and dark but from turning off the aircraft from turn around, will go and try from complete cold and dark status now. Cheers Iain
  11. Ok, well with Gizmo installed and in any other aircraft it works fine, 75fps. With IXEG 737 without Gizmo installed, it works fine (aircraft not usable though) With Gizmo and IXEG it pulses. 75-15 FPS External view it pulses when with one wingspan from the aircraft it pulses, move slightly further away and it’s stable at 75 FPS. Sorry if this isn’t the question you had, but it seems to be a combo of both.
  12. Beta makes no change, same problem...but I just tried again, set number of world objects to minimal, and the FPS are stable at 75fps. Set to low, and FPS are 75, but pulse down to 15 again every 3 seconds. So it looks like Gizmo is conflicting with an object used by the airport??
  13. Yeh I had the Beta, and swapped it for the stable to see if it worked, will put Beta back on and see.
  14. Have you tried different locations, I only have this problem at one addon airport, EGNS
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