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Video clips from 2022 flights, thank you IXEG Team!


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Hi all

A big thank you to the IXEG Team for this wonderful aircraft, I have spend 100's of hours on it since that special day way back around April 2016!

It's a real pilots aircraft, the old saying, "Remember, you fly a plane with your head, not with your hands and feet", certainly nails it for me when I'm simming, if the aircraft doesn't feel and respond the way my brain expects it to, then it doesn't even make it out the hanger.  That's the main reason I'm on XP11/12 now, and not in MSFS, that "sim" is just to arcade feeling for me, I've been doing this since 1985 when I was 10, working my way through the ZX Spectrum games (DI Tomahawk) and onto Atari ST, Amiga and the 486 PC with DI Tornado being a highlight.

So these are a few clips I through together, along with a bunch of short final landings, most are from 6 months ago or so as they are still with default clouds, more recently I'm enjoying Enhanced Skyscapes.

So again, thanks to the IXEG team, it's been a great 5 years flying this aircraft, here is to more good times in the future.  Cheers


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19 hours ago, Iain said:

So again, thanks to the IXEG team

Thank you for the kind words Ian.  We are certainly excited to be working on the IXEG again.  On the one hand, the initial port to XP 12 is a bit more labor intensive than anticipated...but on the other hand...getting everything ported to modern workflows and features is ceratinly a welcome change on our end, ensuring less development pain once we get this initial infrastructure change done.


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