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  1. There was no confusion, the information was 100% clear and incorrect, there are plenty Flight Sim news websites out there, they have the same information which many people read. https://fsnews.eu/ixeg-details-737-x-plane-12-upgrade-pricing/ Customers who purchased the add-on on or after February 7th, 2022 will get the X-Plane 12 version free of charge.Customers who purchased the aircraft before February 7th, 2022 will get the upgrade for a small fee of $14.95 USD.The team said that they want to keep the upgrade pricing fair and within reach of every user and will ensure further development of the product in the future.
  2. The featured topic is one of the most active topics on page 1, where the information is incorrect. It was posted on April 4th. It is missing the new "special note" on pricing that is in the locked topic you refer to on page 3, which will never be visible on the main page as it's locked (due to people being pissed off I guess). As mentioned, the information has to clear and consistent across all announcements, which it is not. https://i.imgur.com/2xjtHgn.jpg
  3. Cameron It would a great, professional, and very business like, if the main "Featured" thread on the forum was updated from the original misinformation, so that people were not confused, start new threads on the topic and like myself, become really frustrated at being mislead about the upgrade. The upgrade info can be found from various sources, they all have to have the same information. I copy and pasted that parts I refer too below...the parts you highlighted (I'm really not sure why you decided to make them a different colour) need corrected. Cost Back on February 7th, 2022, a little after Laminar Research announced X-Plane 12 was coming, we published on the IXEG 737 product page that purchasing customers would receive a free product update to the X-Plane 12 version. Per that statement, we are honoring this free update for customers who purchased the IXEG 737 on or after February 7th, 2022. For customers having purchased the IXEG 737 on or before February 6th, 2022, the upgrade will be a paid upgrade of $14.95 USD. Why this pricing structure? Our goal is to keep the upgrade pricing within reach of all customers at a fair price, and will ensure continued development of the IXEG 737 into the future. This all said, we also want to provide existing customers with additional value for the upgrade cost, above and beyond just the 'porting' work required to gain Version 12 compatibility. So in order to provide additional value, we decided to develop an all-new 3D cabin, working cabin doors and wing-flex to include in the update and gain momentum towards overhauling the 733 to modern 3D standards. This work has been ongoing for the previous months and is responsible for most of the development time by @tkyler thus far. We've included some pics / links of the interior work in progress below. Regards
  4. Yeh of course, that was the smart thing to do, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I will buy it over Christmas period. Jan, if you don't want a negative thread hanging around, you can delete it. Danke Iain
  5. As a long term IXEG user, since early days of release, XP11 has been practically the only Flight Sim I have been using, with IXEG being use 90% of that time. Before that I've flown every sim since 1985, starting with DI Tomahawk, Tornado...up until XP11. My life is hectic, my time on my PC is valuable, my working life is 60 hrs a week and my forum time is very limited. I love this aircraft, nothing flies like it in XP, nothing comes close in MFSF, only DCS is on par, and I get fed up getting shot down in that all the time! I follow the forum and saw the threads about the potential release, the last thread I actually read in detail was this one. Cost Back on February 7th, 2022, a little after Laminar Research announced X-Plane 12 was coming, we published on the IXEG 737 product page that purchasing customers would receive a free product update to the X-Plane 12 version. Per that statement, we are honoring this free update for customers who purchased the IXEG 737 on or after February 7th, 2022. For customers having purchased the IXEG 737 on or before February 6th, 2022, the upgrade will be a paid upgrade of $14.95 USD. A $15 charge for the upgrade, simples, no rush then. My XP12 was not in good shape, I didn't opt into Beta's, the optimization was pretty poor, the clouds were.....not great to say the least. I waited till Cyber deals to get a new SSD, then spent some time getting my XP12 looking better with the help of an excellent FB group I joined, i only watched the bugs thread, was pretty surprised by the amount and the severity (level 2 fail etc etc) and decided to wait for some patches and a calm period, then finally, 2 weeks ago I was ready for IXEG. I couldn't work out how to get the deal, I believe I posted a live chat to X-Aviation asking, but got no reply. I couldn't find the ticket system, but found an email instead. Then while waiting on the reply from the emaiI, I read the launch threads, and then read the info on the 60 day deal. What can I say, extremely disappointed that this deal had a timer, which was never initially announced. I don't know why there is a timer, or what X-Aviation hope to achieve with it (well, I do have an idea...and I fell for it). I messaged Cameron about it, and was not expecting any exception from the rules, and didn't get any, fair play to him, he sticks to the rules and treats everyone the same, so I say nothing negative against that. I have no idea what I am saying now, what I am trying to achieve. 85 bucks is a lot to some of us, add on the 70 from before and it's a very expensive aircraft for a Beta sim. But what is it actually worth, well, flying this keeps my mental state intact in this crazy world. But I just want to say that I don't agree with the 60 day deal. An unlimited deal would be better, and put the price up a bit. Please, always give all details when the first price is announced (see thread above) as some idiots like me will never check for more details in future posts, or don't need emails to say it's released, I never buy software until after the first patches. See you in the skies.
  6. Thanks for the info AoA, I watch a lot of YT video's, a few on the -300, many -400 (as they are still flying) and many NG versions. Looking at there routes, weather, alternates etc and see that landing with 3.5T or more is very common. But it works very similar in XP11, nice weather, close alternates etc, can land with 2500kg most of the time. But I have a very adventurous side with this aircraft, Oslo - Svalbard is one of my favourite routes, that's 16'000kg of fuel every time, and from USA WA regions up to Yellowknife is also a favourite. I also love flying in and out of 4000-5500ft runways (currently based in KAWO Arlington) and flying to remote Canadian locations, so fuel tankering is a factor along with bad weather and very hard mountain tops!
  7. Great info Jan, I never thought about that reason. Cheers
  8. Hi Jan Thanks for the clear and concise answers. Please check the bleed logic and let me know what you find, it's not so important but would be good to know. So what is the purpose of the "pull to set N1" knobs under the engine gauges? Are these left over from older versions of the aircraft, or some sort of over ride? Thanks Iain
  9. Hi Jan Just imagine, there are some crazy simmers out there, pushing your 737 to the limit! I have some various questions that would help me improve my knowledge of the aircraft. 1) Does the engine bleed off takeoff work? It works in the -800, but in IXEG, on the N1 limit page, when I complete the procedure, the 20k rating actually lowers by 1.0? It seems that putting the packs from On to Auto reduces the N1 and the bleeds on or off have no change? What is the best way to get max power with the AT engaged? 2) So if bleeds is not simulated or doesn't work for whatever reason, what is the correct way to get a higher N1 for field length limited T/O even with AT disengaged. I have tried this and I just pull the manual N1 knobs, rotate to the desired N1 and use TOGA but without AT engaged, and it works. But what limits should be used? Up to the yellow arc is safe? I see there is the red light which I guess EGT over limit limit? Can this be on for a set period of time if really needed? 3) Regarding weights, I know there are many -300 configurations, but if we use a typical value of 33.3 empty ZFW, and we use a Max Landing weight of 51.7 to 52.5 (I found online), this means that it's fairly easy for a fully loaded aircraft (149 pax at 104kg per pax) to land overweight. 33.3+15.5 of pax making a ZFW of 48.8, means you can't land with more than 2.9 tonnes of fuel. This can be limiting when flying long legs (Edinburgh - Tenerife, with full load) as you often want a bit more diversions full for remote areas. Are my calculations roughly correct? This also means the load table that comes with the aircraft is pretty much useless as you can load the aircraft to crazy weights that would never be allowed (I have never used it, because I think my numbers are correct?). Thanks for your time Cheers Iain
  10. Hi all A big thank you to the IXEG Team for this wonderful aircraft, I have spend 100's of hours on it since that special day way back around April 2016! It's a real pilots aircraft, the old saying, "Remember, you fly a plane with your head, not with your hands and feet", certainly nails it for me when I'm simming, if the aircraft doesn't feel and respond the way my brain expects it to, then it doesn't even make it out the hanger. That's the main reason I'm on XP11/12 now, and not in MSFS, that "sim" is just to arcade feeling for me, I've been doing this since 1985 when I was 10, working my way through the ZX Spectrum games (DI Tomahawk) and onto Atari ST, Amiga and the 486 PC with DI Tornado being a highlight. So these are a few clips I through together, along with a bunch of short final landings, most are from 6 months ago or so as they are still with default clouds, more recently I'm enjoying Enhanced Skyscapes. So again, thanks to the IXEG team, it's been a great 5 years flying this aircraft, here is to more good times in the future. Cheers
  11. Great news and nice video, PS, that should have been a go-around
  12. Hey all, I fly the cargo version mostly, but in saying that, it's the livery only. Then I adapt the max weights etc to "roughly" match the real aircraft. I have the TNT, Western Atlantic, FEDEX, DHL, ASL liveries etc, they are all out there to download. Would love to have the real deal though, fingers crossed.
  13. All this info is really promising guys, I'm flying her a few times a week still, based in KMEM and flying the night freighter routes, good fun just now considering the crazy weather in the USA. Put in 50 hrs of flying according to my records in the 2 months! Happy to help with any testing if need be, just let me know.
  14. I still fly the -300, have hundreds of hours on it, it is still the best feeling aircraft to fly, way better than anything MSFS has to offer, better feeling than Zibo and is a nice challenge with it's limitations. Really enjoy the Felis 747-200 for the same reasons, it is completely manual VNAV and INS system, IXEG is like a Tesla compared to that dinosaur! More than willing to pay for an upgrade to XP12, of course we have waited a long time for an upgrade for XP11, but the developers have been very transparent with the reasons for it not happening, which is totally acceptable. If it was to happen for XP12 then that would be a stroke of fortune and good timing, since the team have found some time to put development work into it.
  15. I use Simbrief routes daily for flights with Virtual Cargo International many times a week, works just fine. Can`t really see anything wrong in your setup. Maybe you folder names are causing a problem? My coroutes folder is under Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/coroutes
  16. When you first load the aircraft (at least for me), I always have a sound bug present, a loud hissing sound inside and outside. I have to set cockpit to a preset in the left side menu, like Turn Around, then the sounds reset and all is fine.
  17. Wizball made a perfect call-out program, just Google Wizball IXEG callouts. Takes seconds to install and works a treat.
  18. And disable Ultra Weather if you use that.....
  19. Sorted, it was because I used my old prefs file as I didn't want to setup the views again! Fresh install and the keys are workings, along with many other options!
  20. I'm sure it is, will correct mine soon.
  21. No stutters here and setup is the same as pre patch....although I have a couple of other points but I need to test them before posting my results (keyboard shortcuts not working anymore). PS The views were reset again in this patch! But I had my old prefs file ready!
  22. Good to hear. I have this problem too, my rudder is a small thumb joystick on my CH Throttle, the spring is a bit weak and it sits slightly left of center and I need to ease it right during cruise. Or I should leave it left and pretend I'm in an Airbus?
  23. Can you correct it by giving a small input when flying in autopilot?
  24. Make sure your controls are centred and calibrated, you can also put the control outputs as data refs on the screen. Also make sure aileron and rudder trim are neutral. Best way is to assign a key to centre them to be sure.
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