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  1. Coop

    First evaluation

    Re Log.txt, yes just the main log file of X-Plane. Re Rotation, I only use a mouse as well, I don't have their hardware (yet ) Re: RNAV annunciators. The X1000 has it because it is a built in part of the simulator so it can access non-exposed data. Re: hPa. Forgot to mention that one - millibar units are already in internal testing. Will be in the next update. When updates are ready, you will get an email to your address on file. To install, you would re-download the installer and run it.
  2. Coop

    First evaluation

    Hi Peter, thanks for the write up! Re rotation: Please file a bug and include your log.txt file here so we can dig into this. Re refresh rate: The G5s run at 20fps by default in an asynchronous process (avionics IRL run at low refresh rates). This is user-configurable in the config file (see g5_fps_a and g5_fps_b). Details on the config file here. Re: knob spin speed, we can address this with the rotation to sensitive issue as well - it might be with certain systems it reacts differently so we will add something to the config file. Re: Changing values in menu - this is not replicable on my end. Clicking the knob brings up the menu, rotate to select item of choice, then clicking to select datapoint to adjust. From there rotating the knob should change the values. Currently pressing and holding to sync is not implemented, but planned. Re: CDI and VDI on PFD: currently being added. Re: RNAV annunciations: X-Plane does not provide the information regarding GPS status for these annunciations, so this is a limitation of the simulator. Re: Bearing - bug logged Re: OBS mode - currently there doesn't seem to be sufficient datarefs provided by X-Plane to interface with the 530/430 to know that it is in OBS mode. Re: AP bar - under consideration. This does add significant complexity for aircraft with non-standard APs Re: V-Speeds. We are working on implementing via textures. Currently the speed tape is customized for the proper red, yellow, and green ranges. It should be simple to add V-Speeds onto those. Re: OAT, TAS, and Wind Indicator. These are on the to-do list - these are really new features to the G5.
  3. Coop

    G5 in OvationII

    Bug logged, thanks for reporting.
  4. Once we get the flight model worked on we will know more about the cause of the "bobbing" -- it could possibly be resolved with tweaks of the autopilot constants.
  5. Hi Peter, Something definitely seems to be preventing the AFM plugin from installing. To get more details, can you send over the file "log.txt" (located in the X-Plane 11 folder). You can attach it to a support ticket here: https://afms.im/techSupport where we can best assist with getting this installed.
  6. It appears that PFD B is going beyond the edge of Panel.png so some of the G5 fits, while the rest doesn't.
  7. This is being worked on (making a completely new FMOD sound pack)
  8. The installer had an issue preventing a proper install. It is being re-compiled.
  9. The issue with the screen edge being cut off is due to the G5 being rendered at a resolution too high for the panel.png texture of the aircraft. We are open to all feature requests! We have a list we are going through now, but feel free to add your own here: https://afms.im/fReq (then I can link you to the features so I can keep you updated on progress, etc.)
  10. Altimeter to mbar is being worked on - it will be implemented in the next software update. The cutoff display occurs when the G5 is being drawn at too high a resolution for that aircraft's Panel.png, so it is drawing beyond the size of the "canvas". At https://afms.im/g5wiki under G5 acfConfig.cfg description, you can see how the config file is written. You can change the width and height of the G5 window setting g5_w_a/b for width and g5_h_a/b for height, and g5_x_a/b and g5_y_a/b for the coordinate of the bottom left corner of the display (full description at page linked). For the C172, the installer should have installed "Cessna 172SP G5" into your Aircraft/X-Aviation folder with all the configuration already made and ready to fly.
  11. It sure should! The G5 reads the standard HSI based datarefs, so as long as the RXP GTNs set those, it should work.
  12. That is odd. Can you check if a firewall is blocking it? @Cameron will hopefully know more on how to fix this.
  13. V-speed flags are currently not integrated, but it is a feature we are considering! It should also be feasible to integrate as the plugin currently is via the adjustable texture for the tape.
  14. Yes. The integration steps are described here: https://afms.im/G5Wiki Setting the Red/Yellow/Green arc locations can be done with a provided Adobe Illustrator file. If you don't have Illustrator, you can send an email to support@afmsim.com with the range you need on the arcs and we can provide the file.