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  1. Coop

    VR bug Trippy colours

    Yes We should have the fix ready soon, more information will come when it is fully tested. (next few days, hopefully)
  2. Coop

    Interior lighting at night?

    The flashlight interface of X-Plane can be used, you can bind it to a key or joystick command. This is a default X-Plane feature. I will look into the landing lights with the taildragger version, the angle might be slightly out of whack - bug logged
  3. Coop

    Reduced functionality after install

    I think this seems to be an issue with X-Plane preferences - it has come up once before here: To resolve this, can you try deletng the X-Plane.prf file from X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/X-Plane.prf Let me know how this works! This sure is a weird issue.
  4. Coop

    VR Implementation, does it work?

    Librain is loaded as part of the aircraft itself, it does not need to be installed (in our plane) Interesting, thank you for that information.
  5. Coop

    VR Implementation, does it work?

    We did some more VR testing and I we are unable to replicate the cursor disappearing issue in VR with librain running. Is it the rain obscuring the cursor?
  6. The old version of XGS (as linked) is fine, it is the newer version with libacfutils that is causing the grief with the aircraft. Ah - interesting that Xsaitekpanels was crashing it, must have not liked our config files (maybe ours are a newer version format). Glad that it is working now! Enjoy the plane
  7. Fantastic Enjoy the plane!
  8. The rudder trim would be what to use to alleviate this condition. The tilting is caused by a slight non-coordination in flight, so you can use the rudder trim switches to make sure you are pointed in the same direction you are flying. You can use the slip indicator to help align the plane properly (the white circle located on the G5, there is also a bar under the top triangle on the G1000).
  9. Coop

    VR bug Trippy colours

    The screen going black would be hypoxia setting in. To turn on oxygen, there is a knob on the center pedestal that can be turned clockwise to start the flow of oxygen. The knob is located to the left of the oxygen PSI gauge.
  10. Ah yes, I see the problem in the log. Our aircraft's plugin isn't being loaded by X-Plane because the XGS Landing Speed plugin is installed. The reason this occurs is because both plugins (our aircraft's and XGS's) use libacfutils (An aircraft plugin library) XGS is using an older version of the library, and it is loaded before our aircraft as a global plugin, so X-Plane decides not to load our version (since one is already loaded by XGS) but since it is an older version, it is not compatible. We are working on implementing a version of libacfutils that is linked statically with our plugin, so it is forced to load again, but that is still being worked on. Until we can get a static version of libacfutils working with our plugin, I would recommend using a different landing speed plugin, there are many available that do not rely on libacfutils, here is one that I have used: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/7995-landing-speed-plugin/
  11. That sounds like something is certainly not loading or activating. Please load the aircraft in X-Plane, quit the sim, then upload the file "log.txt" that is located inside the X-Plane 11 main folder. This file will tell me more about why the plugin isn't activating.
  12. Coop

    VR Implementation, does it work?

    I just took a look at librain repository and it looks like the VR compatible librain hasn't made it to the standalone version. Once a new version comes out, it should be as simple as adding a plugin to the aircraft's plugin folder.
  13. Coop

    [G1000] map screen/checklists bug

    We should hopefully be able to get the VR graphical fix for the synthetic vision working this weekend, otherwise, we may split the update so we can get the other bug fixes (such as this) out!
  14. Coop

    VR Implementation, does it work?

    Odd, I don't know why rain effects would cause that issue but I will certainly be looking into it - thank you for narrowing it down! Does it do this with any other aircraft that have librain rain effects (the TBM?)