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  1. mjrhealth

    Saab/Gizmo install problems

    It is possible that your folder still has some write permissions causing your issue, Probably best to reinstall xplane some where other than windows, IE c:\xplane or another drive as most do. Than make a copy of teh clean working install, tha tway if it crashes you just need to copy it back no reinstall.
  2. mjrhealth


    Didnt fly in B3 so id assume from 11.26, and I think after flight yesterday, the AP has become a little screwy in the Climb IAS or RAte. sometimes it just wont select, and I cant get it to climb by IAS.
  3. mjrhealth


    Hi, still flies ok but engines I think are affected by lastest changes. Temps and torque seem to rise to fast. Hope you do and v2 at some stage.
  4. mjrhealth

    XP10 version

    I have copies of all my planes and all the keys serial etc and once in a while I back up my install. Is it so hard to do..I guess it was an investment not worth protecting...
  5. mjrhealth

    1.5.1: Electrical supply fails after auto-start

    You can always create a profile for it without the Mixture lever which is what I do with Jets, you can do that in 11.25
  6. mjrhealth

    Newly bought Saab causes crashes to desktop

    Do you have teh NOAA plugin if so try without it, was last thing in log before crash
  7. Waiting for new version, this is one of teh best payware out at present, can only get better with teh 11 changes, which i am willing to repay for.
  8. mjrhealth

    Power levers constantly walk forward

    Also with xsaitek drivers it requires the Coms breaker or airctraft radios to be turned on before they will come on, makes it more realsitic, but also means you need to bump a switch or twiddle a knob on your panels to get it to come on. , also nee to make sure you removed the other plugin or they will fight. I too run my panels on 4 port 3 A usb hub the LEDS consume some power and USB ports are limited in current.
  9. mjrhealth

    Power levers constantly walk forward

    Dont use any saitek drivers prefer this plug in. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/14646-xsaitekpanels-linwinmac3264/ but do a better Job
  10. I would expect we would, I would also want to get paid for the work I do, wouldnt you.???
  11. One must understand this is an Xplane 10 being updated for 11, also being used, it seems as a test bed for teh V2 which by all accounts should be so much better with FMOD etc. Lets wait and see, so much better than te hFSX version
  12. Have you deactivated start locks. in the manual. Once started teh prop lever need go into reverse to remove start locks. REad the manual.
  13. Hi are we back yet, any more news. Love this this plane
  14. mjrhealth

    Saab 340 v2

    Well you are correct doesnt work with the "prop" only option which normally assigns all the props to that device. But like a lot of turborpops it doesnt matter since it only has fixed indents anyway, and in this plane it is easy enough to use.