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  1. mjrhealth

    SMP not loading

    Oh finally solved, it seems that C++2015 64bit redistribute went missing, i had to remove 2017 to reinstall it, all working again, teh error was mention on xplane website under xplane Q&A, And please note, there is a new 2015-2019 redistrubtal that replaces all version from 2015 and it works fine. Shows up at 2015-2019 Redistribtaul in programmes and features
  2. mjrhealth

    SMP not loading

    Crazy, still havnt figured out whats going on. If i load an older copy of the plugin folder with the older SMP it loads fine, if i update SMP it wont work, if I delete all the plugins and let xplane replace the folder with clean install and no other plugins and install latest SMP it wont load. The only plugins that wont works Are SMP4.8.2, XJet from airfoil labs, and hangar OPS, same error - Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found. As you can see from all the plugins above the rest are fine even RWC. I do hope reinstalling SMP multiple times isnt going to cause an issue. Thanks
  3. mjrhealth

    SMP not loading

    Going to update a backup copy of xplane I know works and see what happens
  4. mjrhealth

    SMP not loading

    Seems Xplane isnt loading all XPL files, Just some not others, See attached. Posted bug report to laminar G:\X-Plane 11.4/Resources/plugins/HangarOps/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found. loads rwc fine Loaded: G:\X-Plane 11.4/Resources/plugins/RealWeatherConnector/64/win.xpl (Sundog.MetarBridge). G:\X-Plane 11.4/Resources/plugins/xjet/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found. Who knows.
  5. mjrhealth

    SMP not loading

    Hi I noticed something odd in my weather, so i checked to see if SPM was in the plugins drop down and it was missing, so I reinstalled, but it is still not showing up. It is installed in the correct folder, see pics but xplane cant find it. See error form log. Seems the last time it worked was in June from the Max-Metar file date. And yes my whole xplane folder is excluded with antivirus. G:\X-Plane 11.4/Resources/plugins/SilverLining/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found. [SKUNKCRAFTS UPDATER INFO]: Starting X-Plane SASL plugin v3.6.5+8783e05 [Commercial Edition] [SKUNKCRAFTS UPDATER INFO]: SkunkCrafts Updater | Global | Start Full [SKUNKCRAFTS UPDATER INFO]: Loading cursors... Loaded: G:\X-Plane 11.4/Resources/plugins/SkunkCraftsUpdater/64/win.xpl (1-sim SkunkCrafts Updater). Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  6. mjrhealth

    Saab 340 strange lighting

    Actually i think it is the ATC guiding arrows
  7. mjrhealth

    Gizmo Update

    I meant the HTTPS update, or did I miss it.
  8. mjrhealth

    Gizmo Update

    Whatever happened to Gizmo????
  9. mjrhealth

    Auto pilot problems

    Well some are patient and do appreciate the work you do. Thansk
  10. mjrhealth

    SAAB 340A

    there is a knob on left door need to be pulled up to enable nose wheel steering
  11. mjrhealth

    RTX 2080 Ti

    I run a 1070 and with Refection at first notch i get 40 to 50 fps with reflections off i get 50 to 55, im happy
  12. mjrhealth

    Gizmo Update

    Cool, XP11 nice to know. Thanks
  13. mjrhealth

    Gizmo Update

    Hi being quiet for a while, but how is the Network update on Gizmo coming for teh weather updates.
  14. mjrhealth

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    ANy more news on this project. Being quiet for a while.
  15. mjrhealth

    Saab Story

    Should post down here in support. Havnt tried in latest version but havnt had any issues yet. Saab support