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  1. Posted in other topic, prop levers at present must be a tad above TAXI line indent than you can go into reverse.
  2. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Dont know what version of xplane you are all running but in latest beta 7 laminar seems to have addressed the taxi to issue some what, in that it is now possible to do things in a straight line They still need to sort out the wind issue though, seems to be better since beta 5, beta 6 broke some switches wouldnt recomend it.
  3. MU-2 throttle problem.

    Please read teh post, You have to put teh prop lever a tad above Taxi indent, While its in the indent it wont go into beta. and yes he is working on a fix for throttle, its all due to a Austin moving target. Austin is still working on the turbine model is this one isnt one of them so he needs to do a few workaround. As it stands flight idle is ground idle til leh sorts it out
  4. Manipulators B6

    Seems B6 broke some manipulators, ie switches that should go click just drag but never function correctly. Hoping for a quick fix.
  5. MU-2 throttle problem.

    Thanks Tyler, just make a good plane better.
  6. MU-2 throttle problem.

    As it stands, it wont go to ground idle, hopefully it will be sorted. To go into Beta, you need to move the prop lever a tad forward of the Taxi Indent, than you will be able to go into beta. Austin is messing around with the turbine specs and some things keep changing. From what i understand there is an issue with the props going into fine pitch. I how he sorts it out, will be nice to start with Power at ground idle. If i am correct at present, everything below Fight idle is beta range.
  7. Taxying the MU2

    beta 5. latest beta. Reading carenados forum about there do 220 seems it has IT issues apparently Austin is ware of it.
  8. Taxying the MU2

    For teh new users. To taxi at a reasonable speed in teh MU2, you need to move the Propeller levers just a tad forward of teh Taxi indent, than you can put teh power levers into beta. This should make taxying a lot easier, than use teh power levers to slow down as you pick up speed, Just make sure the power levrs are back at flight isle before you flip out of beta or your levers will jump into some forward position and you will take off like a rocket.
  9. Thanks for explanation. I tend to just flip into beta, and it taixs fine than use a little power to slow down as required. Could be worth while adjusting the Prop taxi indent so when the levers are in teh indent you can go into beta. At current you have to move levers a tad forward, But it is just something users will have to get to know.
  10. Move mixture with mouse to a tad above TAxi indent, than you can move throttle into beta.
  11. Hmm dont know much but thanks for all the efforts you put in. Just one question, and i will dig a bit deeper. The flight idle position, is it a beta mode. The throttle control seems to start at flight idle, and needs to go into beta, to go to ground idle. Is this correct or one of the limitations you speak of. Thanks again it is a challenge.
  12. Ground behavior

    I found best way to taxi is put prop levers to max, than power into reverse just a tad and it taxis fine
  13. Power levers - my throttle issue?

    I am not sure if this is an issue, Seems to be. The throttle only goes as low as flight idle , which is the top of the yellow, ground idle is in the middle of the yellow. For me to go into the yellow I need to go into reverse which does not seem right, and when i do it sound as it should like im in reverse. I should only need to go into reverse below ground idle.
  14. I will certainly be paying for the upgrade I do love teh turboprops. But if I am correct and must check, the power lever is sitting at flight idle not ground idle, and it wont go below that till I set Props to full forward. Maybe teh Power levers need to start at ground idle, and yes just checked that is where they are, flight idle. At ground idle it shouldnt run away. Love this bird. JUst had a play, if you move the prop levers just a tad forward of taxi indent, you can get the power levers to go into beta. But need to be in correct spot, i had them both going into beta moved one a tad and than i had one going froward teh other going backwards at same time
  15. Finally got a quick take off. Props dont go back into reverse in ground idle, so to taxi one need to put them to full, than you can switch to beta and she taxis fine, The EGT sems to behave , went high on start than settled at around 15 to 20 one teh gauge, not sure if that is normal. So far everything else seems normal. some viewing Engine test MU2 MU2 taxi Notice props in ground idle while throttle in beta.