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    Hello Jan, hope you feel great! I have again ideas for improvements. small and fairly simple 1. A little pop up delay for the ground supply panel. At the moment, when i click on the cround call button, i hear a beep and the ground handling panel pops up emediatly. i´m too lazy to hold the butten for a realistic dedldedldedldedl as the popup ist already there anyways. So i think it would be nice if you have to hold the button for a second or two, in order to activate the popup and let the horn scream for a little bit. in reality the cround crew takes a little time for responding as well ^^. to be honest...it really took me a while to realize there is moore then just a "beep" because i never held the button pushed. 2. crew call button "ding" if i want to give a "ding" to the cabin crew, i always have to close the crew options window afterwards as it pops up just after you click the button. so maby you could programm it in a way, that a simple click splays the sound, and a double click or a held click toggles the window. 3. maby as an Option, the brown collored screens you showed in the W.I.P. pictures. i think many 737-CLs have them nowdays as they are often replaced by 757/767 screens since the originals aren´t the newest anymore. 4.never gonna make it into yout "to do" list, but i´ll suggest it anyways. who knows. digital VSI indicators, as they are sometimes found as aftermarket installations. Greetings from Hamburg in Germany Have a great day!
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    OK, that's the problem - the .fpl format doesn't permit to specify runways and procedures. The correct format would be: UMMS GOVIK M863 RUDKA T174 WAR N871 KUKOP N869 OKG UN869 DKB Z818 GEBNO EDDS Runways and procedures have to be selected each time using the DEP/ARR page of the FMS. Furthermore, DCT may only be used between fixes or navaids, but not between a fix and an airport.
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    Maybe 95% now. The bulk of the manual, sans procedures is written, I'm just having to add and format all the procedures. The quality control that takes some time also. I still have to read through the entire thing once done and operate the aircraft in accordance to make sure I don't write anything that isn't in the aircraft and vice versa. Many procedures I left out of the previous version are added back into this one as the simulation has evolved, etc. -tkyler