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    Solved with the Latest Gizmo. Thanks!
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    Hi Bjorn, nothing was changed on the engine modeling since "forever" - in fact not even with the advent of XP11, as we calculate thrust in our own module. N1 required to taxi depends on weight, slope and temperature - values in excess of 40% seem excessive, though! Judging from the V2 set up you must have had a pretty high grossweight, though. As a matter of fact, to have a V2 of 162 the plane would need to weigh about 70tons... The engine´s acceleration depends on the engine "age" - which is randomly set between sessions. We did this because real engines rarely accelerate equally well and also show slightly different parameters (EGT, N2, ...) for the same N1. Cheers, Jan
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    Seems we have a new player on the market when it comes to XP scenery: https://orbxdirect.com/product/kcgx/xp11