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  1. Just thought I'd chime in and say that I recently had the same issue after a 9 hour flight from YMML to ZGGG with RWC and SMP. Definitely not a show stopper as redrawing clouds also fixed the issue for me. In my case I just went to the settings menu and hit apply changes. Still far from ideal nonetheless. I'm running a 4GB GTX770
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the update. Don't know what you've done but I've seen a massive performance increase. I can now run SMP and RWC at a 20,000 Sq Km! Thanks
  3. So all those clouds are sitting there, consuming ram or vram? I ask as I have an abundance of ram but my 4GB of vram is restricting... (I imagine this is the situation most people are more likely to be in) And they'll obviously be killing FPS for those who are at their ram or vram limit, but if not at this point, they're not being drawn into the scene and should have no net effect on FPS!
  4. Thanks for the responses all! Good to see lots of positivity and yes, there very well could be a technical limitation as I imagine we have all experienced the 2-3 second wait after applying a change of settings. This is where it might be useful for John or Sundog to chime in as I imagine they understand the underlying intracies to a much higher standard than the rest of us haha! Great point from Havner which aligns with my basic understanding of programming and suggests that it's much safer for SMP to redraw the whole scene even if it's not paticulary required! As we fly along SMP is
  5. Yeah look I'll be honest regarding the current situation... - The 3.1 update defiantly made me rethink purchasing RWC (as I imagine it did for a lot of other people). Although the performance problem was quickly resolved it resulted in a loss of confidence, I probably would have bought RWC blindly otherwise. :') - These recent events have highlighted the issue that the performance hit for maximum cloud range is unacceptable! I have a GTX770 and I can also run with max cloud range as Sundog suggests in another thread at an acceptable frame rate. However, the compromises I have to make
  6. The 12Nm DME Arc departure out of TNCM SkyMAXX v3
  7. ^Followed by a quick scenic flight despite the winter weather. Central Park
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