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  1. First, SDK 4.0.0b1 it's already up. Second initial release would be around Christmas, so if developer's wait two months, to start updating for xp12 would be very bad.
  2. It happen to me once on air, but after pressing circuit breaker (behind pilot seat) in, all was ok. However the mysterious is how was cb pop out!
  3. Maybe it's time to create a new airframe!
  4. With VNAV engaged, press perf (2x) LSK5L resume VNAV PERF speed(magenta) and then use FLC (VFLC mode) and you will climb with FMC(CDU) speed and altitude restrictions respected.
  5. I understand the reasons for this approach and also that this way eliminates compatible issues with 3rd party weather addons, but with this approach eliminates the whole simulator idea, as we can not fly at custom weather for training. But it's Ok for me, if this will change with XP12 in few months.
  6. That's a very bad approach, at least an option to select real-weather or x-plane should exist.
  7. @jcmc1405 What's your free disk space on D: drive?
  8. Start by moving SkunkCraftsUpdater to a new directory like Resources/plugins-DISABLED and copy it -before you start xplane- on main Resources/plugins only when you want to check for updates. Most probably this will eliminate stutters. Then continue by finding "bad" scripts on FlyWithLua and PythonScripts. Also you can temporary disable all plugins by moving all to another folder outside plugins, before you start tracking issue on addons, to be sure that stutters comes from CL650 and not from an addon.
  9. That's not normal !! I run on way too lower specs, laptop with i7-8750H and 1050Ti without stutters and stable at 40fps It seems to me that you don't have a cpu or gpu problem (by the way your GPU is in lower settings, than it can handle), probably you use some "bad" addon. A Log.txt would help to identify the problem. From personal experience I notice that some sasl plugins like SkunkUpdater and RealView usually create such stutters when trying to check for updates (probably without doing it in async thread) and temporally locks xplane thread (stutter) waiting for respond.
  10. Same issue, seems developers convert png's to dds for performance, and CL (png.c:) can't load dds and try to find png files. Till developer correct it, I fixed it by copying the missing png files from version 1.1. If you don't have backup from previous version you can convert the missing png from current dds files.
  11. It's working fine as long you don't use auto mode in TUN of CDU.
  12. @oisin650 I like your logo and motto!
  13. As @softreset already point out with his last note as long the tanks are almost balanced you get on EICAS a warning (with audio alert) FUEL XFLOW SOV OPEN to remind you to close L(R) 2AUX FLOW.
  14. Colloseum, wasn't builded in one day! General speaking you are right, manuals are essentials and personal would appreciate at least an announcement that it is in devellopers plan, but at this time there are more importants things to fix (ctd, performance issues etc)
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