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  1. To be fair, you could skip that 7 hour video. There are 6 more videos in that playlist that are only about 30 minutes each that walk you through the various stages of getting off the ground. In addition to Graeme's excellent videos. you could check out the videos posted by Foxtrot Alpha Aviation who is a real-world Challenger pilot. Here's the playlist for his excellent tutorial series of videos:
  2. In SPAD.next, you need to configure the button to have a "Button pressed" and a "Button released" event. Map the same command to both events and in the "Configure Simulation Event" popup, set the "X-Plane Special Value" field to "Begin Command" for the button press event and "End Command" for the button released event.
  3. Latest video in the Foxtrot Alpha Aviation series has been posted: Definitely recommended viewing.
  4. SPAD.next can definitely set dataref values rather than send commands and when it's the only option, I do just that. However, I've learnt that sometimes changing a dataref isn't necessarily enough since there may be other datarefs that are triggered when a command toggles on and I didn't manage to find them all -- or the right one). That may just be a case of me doing it wrong. As for triggering on load, I don't know offhand if SPAD.next will set datarefs based on switch position when it loads or only when the switch moves. The programming is tied to "events" but I'm not sure what actually triggers those events. I'll ask about that on the SPAD.next support Discord.
  5. @AtlasI'm in pretty much the very same boat (plane?) as you. All of my flying until now has been in various GA aircraft with the TBM900 being the most "complicated". The CL650 is a whole new, intimidating beast for me. I, too, found large parts of the checklists to be largely confusing given my lack of knowledge and understanding. In addition to the great advice and references that have been posted above, I'd recommend looking at the videos posted on YouTube by "Foxtrot Alpha Aviation". He's a real CL650 pilot and is posting some very in-depth looks at various procedures and walkarounds. He hasn't posted a full startup video yet. His latest walked us through up to and including the start of the APU. But the level of detail he's providing is excellent and I've learnt so much from him already. I'm eagerly awaiting his next video.
  6. I'd like to chime in on this thread in support of discreet ON and OFF commands although I'd like to see them be supported _in addition to_ rather than _instead of_ TOGGLE. Having a discreet set of commands definitely makes it easier to implement control mappings in SPAD.next and other control devices. You don't have to worry about checking additional datarefs for the current state of a switch in order to keep your hardware and software switches in sync. But I'd hate to see the TOGGLE option go away since for each of us that want a discreet command, I'm sure that there is someone else who would prefer to have a TOGGLE. Choice is good!
  7. Here's how I did it: Install the DataRefTool for X-Plane if you don't already have it. Launch X-Plane and load the CL-650. Exit X-Plane. Open your file browser and navigate to your X-Plane 11->Output->preferences folder. Grab the following files: drt_last_run_commandrefs.txt and drt_last_run_datarefs.txt Open each of those files in your favourite text editor and find all of the rows that begin with CL650/... I have both a commands.txt and a datarefs.txt file containing all of the CL650 (current as of v1.2.3). I'd be happy to upload them here but I don't know if that is allowed.
  8. Thanks for sharing these profiles. I was just about to start working on a similar setup. This will save me a tonne of time.
  9. I like living on the edge so I've got the engine cutoff mapped to the detents on the throttle levers (I'm still using the Boeing ones for now). Since I'm using an axis for the flap settings, I ended up mapping ATS disconnect the HC Flap lever down press (and AP disconnect to the up press). On a related note, if anyone is using SPAD.next, I have uploaded my CL650 Profile so it's available to anyone who wants it. I put a link back to this thread in the profile description.
  10. I'm getting old as well. It took me a minute longer than it should have to spot it myself. I suspect that many of us pretty much stop reading after "Simulate walking around aircraft..." and miss the "...and in FBO" part.
  11. It's right in your screen shot (in the User Settings panel): "Simulate walking around aircraft and in FBO" You currently have it "Enabled"
  12. I probably don't I just mapped it that way because I don't know any better. Before the CL650, I only flew SR22 and TBM900. I'm in waaaaayyy over my head on this model and having to learn everything from scratch.
  13. @Peter Clark I agree with @Pils. I currently have the same setup as you but after checking out the Airbus throttle set, I see that you can have a TOGA button on each of the throttle levers unlike the Boeing set which only has a button on throttle 1. So I've ordered a set of the Airbus levers. In the meantime, using SPAD.next, I'm able to map multiple commands to a single button so I have both CL650/pedestal/throttle/toga_L and CL650/pedestal/throttle/toga_R mapped to the TOGA button.
  14. Tangentially related: I don't currently have the Airbus levers for the HC Bravo but I've been considering ordering them to get the extra button (one for TOGA, one for ATS disconnect). However, from what I can tell, if I use the Airbus levers, I end up having to map the thrust reverse to the "buttons" at the bottom of the throttle travel -- which I'm currently using for throttle cutoff with the Boeing levers. Are the reverse levers on the Airbus-style levers strictly a gate or do they map to a button like the the Boeing-style reversers do?
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