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  1. Welp! I finally got this baby started and off the ground once. So my new benchmark time to beat is 3 days. I have also started up from cold and dark a few more times but did not taxi or takeoff so I'm not counting those. Trying to get comfortable with the startup and shutdown procedures first. Figured I post though so that others will know that no matter how many minutes it takes them, they won't be in last place in the speed standings.
  2. @MuchimiThank you for posting that very detailed description. I found it incredibly informative.
  3. That's what that icon means! Thank you. Another day, another item learnt.
  4. I'm at 2 days and counting. Still haven't left the ground. My baseline time will leave plenty of room for improvement.
  5. It's part of the Windows Power Toys which you can grab by following these instructions: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/install Thanks for the tip about Borderless Games. I'll take a look at it. To get rid of the title bar, I just created my FancyZone drop zones to be a just a little taller than the bezel image so that the title bar gets hidden.
  6. If you're on a Windows machine, have a look at FancyZones which is one of the tools included in Windows Powertools released by Microsoft. You can create custom zones across all of your monitors and then just hold the SHIFT key when you drag each window. When you drop it into the zone, the window will automatically size itself to the defined zone size. It's not as convenient as having a .cfg file that automatically restores your windows to their specified location and size but it's a decent work-around until one is available. P.S. Nice setup!
  7. May I join as well? I have purchased both the TBM 900 and the CL650.
  8. I know I'm late to the thread with this reply but a co-worker of mine owns an SR-22 and I confirmed with him that there is no taxi light. If you need a light while taxiing, it's the landing light.
  9. Wilco. And let me thank you for your patience with me. Especially after my little tantrum earlier. So far, I've re-installed my addon aircraft: HotStart Cirrus SR-22 G1000 AFL C-172NG SimSolutions DA40NG (which adds the xJet plugin) All is good so far. Will start in on the actual plugins next. Edit1: Have now reinstalled: DataRefTool FlyWithLua XPRealistic X-Camera So far, the overlay graphics are still fine (although I have to disable X-Camera when I run the tutorials in order for the automatic camera moves in the tutoria
  10. OK. I have uninstalled X-Plane, deleted all related folders and have re-installed X-Plane. No plugins, no add-on scenery, no add-on aircraft other than the TBM900. At this point, the overlay graphics are displaying correctly. I'm assuming the next step is to start adding my scenery and add-ons back in one at a time to see if any of them trigger the overlay glitch again? The list of plugins I was using is as follows: Avitab DataRefTool FlyWithLua (with only a "Mixture" script to control the TBM feathering PilotEdge SPAD.next Traffic Global X-Camera
  11. Just about ready to give up on this. Downloaded the supposed X-plane demo installer but it wants a product key to proceed. And since I have the Steam version, I don't have a product key. There doesn't seem to be any option to install the demo version and I can't progress past the "Enter a Product Key or Insert DVD" step. As much as I love the TBM, this is starting to become too much trouble to figure out.
  12. I can do that. Forgive the obtuse questions but if I download the demo and install it (on a separate drive from my current X-Plane Steam install), do I need to take any precautions to prevent this second install from stomping on any registry entries or configuration info from the first install? And will I need to uninstall the TBM-900 from my Steam install in order to properly install it in the demo version?
  13. I have the Steam edition so I'm not sure it will allow me to install a second instance. I was hoping to avoid having to delete and reinstall X-plane but I'll look into doing that if all else has failed. I'll have to spend some time exporting my profiles and backing up stuff first though.
  14. Removing all plugins (except for Gizmo) has no effect. The problem still exists.
  15. I have XPRealistic (which can shift the camera view) and X-Camera installed. I've disabled both (using xOrganizer to disable the plugins before launching X-Plane) and still have the issue.
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