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  1. Aha - thanks - learnt something new again
  2. I get "INVALID CHANNEL" when trying to tune the ATIS frequency for EGFF @ 132.48 (tried both COM1 and COM2). (I tune into ATIS channel for all airports I fly into and this is the first time I have seen this)
  3. Thanks - problem solved now. I run a manual (paper) checklist and was doing the "packs transition" one step out of order and therefore could not set a thrust limit (other than TO).
  4. I had it too, right after packs transition during descend. No way to turn it back on. Incidently, during the flight before, after take-off, I couldn't change power limit to CLB, it was stuck at TO. Only after packs transition this was possible, but then a few mins later ATS quit as well. I wonder if something has changed in the interplay between bleeds and ATS... Only two flights so far and I ended up with a broken ATS each time.
  5. I did my first flight with 1.5.2 and observed the same thing. ILS30 into ESSB After GS capture autopilot continuously oscillates between 0.55 and 0.65 AOA. Disconnecting AP immediately stabilises the descent. ESSB METAR ESSB 031520Z 24008KT CAVOK 07/M08 Q1003 Never observed this before.
  6. Tried this and it works great. Thanks for sharing! Marc
  7. First of all: this is a truly amazing plane – huge respect for what the developers have put together here! This morning I made a flight from LFPB to LFSB, with strong winds (as Eunice was getting close). At FL330, the tailwind component was well above 80kts for most of the time. The flightplan was created with Simbrief and winds were downloaded via de VHF link. The descent was done through VNAV, from TOD down to 4000ft – and all worked fine. However, I was surprised that I needed to (fully) deploy the flight spoilers pretty much throughout the entire descent in order to stay on the vpath and maintain 250kts (at idle, commanded by ATS). As all of that was programmed in the fms and the winds aloft were available (and verified on LEG WINDS screen), I would have expected that the TOD point calculation would have factored that in – and hence TOD would come earlier to allow for a descent without spoilers. Don’t know if that’s the way it is supposed to work in IRL, or whether I’m still missing some setup somewhere? Thanks, Marc
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