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  1. I undertsand I'm pushing my card too hard, but I know the problem is going to be solved once the memory leak is fixed. I used this settings with the release version of the 650 getting 30 stable fps, which is good enough for me, and never got a single ctd. In the meantime, I will try those suggestions. TY very much, help is very apreciated!
  2. This is what I run unless there is bad weather in the route. Too many clouds make my fps drop so I downgrade the texture quality to high
  3. I just tried that today and I still get 100% CTD every single flight due to out of memory issues
  4. 150 GB in d drive and 12 gb in c drive
  5. I was told to keep updating this with any info I had. I never said the topic is being ignored. But this is the most expenisve add-on ever made for X-Plane 11 and it is very frustrating to not be able to use it.
  6. Ok during this flight I got another CTD. X plane gave me the low memory error message, but when I checked the task manager only 65% of the memory was in use. What is actually happening? this is so frustrating! I also could take a screenshot because windows did not let me open the snip tool because of the "low memory". Please help me. I saved literally a month to pay for a software that I can not use! Log.txt
  7. I took some screenshots with a 5 - 10 minute interval showing the ram usage trend.
  8. I have no idea of how to record that. But the trend is very clear. There is something causing the 650 to use absurd amounts of ram and crash. No other add on makes my x-plane use 3= gb of ram
  9. This is 2 and a hald hours into the flight in the a340 vs a freshly loaded 650
  10. Just as a quick update I decided to do a test long flight with a different aircraft (a340) and X-Plane is never using more than 1.5 - 1.7 GB of ram, but with the 650 stays at 3.5 GB and goes up to 8+ Gb so this is something really concerning. Using exactly the same plug-ins, just different plane. So definitevely something is causing the 650 to eat all my ram and then crash. Not X-plane or plug-ins fault.
  11. I have 0 cutom scenery in X-plane. Routes when crash happen are usually 2+ hours long. I monitored RAM usage during the whole flight as this also happened yesterday and the topic was closed. FL STEPS KFLL/0390. KFLL/10L REGAE1 URSUS UP406 AKPEK2C SKRG/01. Crash happened when I was at final approach to the airport. I don't have any screenshots but when X-Plane started saying it was running low on memory I inmediatley went to the task manager and only 60% of my 16GB were in use. After that I stopped looking and then got a windows error about some program that stopped working and the avionics went crazy, then the crash. GPU VRAM during the entire flight was around 20 - 30% and CPU consistently over 70%.
  12. Since the 1.2 update I have not been able to complete any flight without X-plane running out of memory and crashing. This only ever happends with the 650 and it is getting very annoying. I even removed ES and other plug ins and it's still happening. Log.txt
  13. As requesed by MR Pilsner, here is my flight planCYULKFLL_PDF_1642983399.pdf for this time. The crash ocurried after something like 2 hours, close to waypoint BAHAA
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