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  1. A funny thing happen on the way to the office......
  2. Will the lady in the back please step to the front of the bus...... Thank you....
  3. The same back to ya Crisk, simple words not spoken as much as they should, so to all the X-Plane community may your day be blessed and the upcoming work week be full of safe flights.......
  4. I told dem guys HAND TIGHT, what is it about hand tight do you not undrstand.....!!
  5. Unrealistic Carolina Blue Sky works fur me
  6. I've added a third computer to my pit and some new monitors but I cannot find the cockpit forum, if someone can find it and move this, that would be great. Cockpit now has 3 computers, 1 hack for master, 2 PCs as slaves, the 3rd bolted under the desk. A chair out of an old dodge with a 300 watt subwoofer sealed in the base, a mac mini for XHSI, and an iPad for various view commands. All the buttons and the Saitek Panels are programmed with ControllerMate software, and all planes have they own .xjm file with appropriate dateref for each command, so all buttons, switches and axis are the same ac
  7. Here's a little lua script I use in my cockpit, works for me. Open Saab_Doors.lua.zip
  8. Carolina Blue Skys 10.40 edition, not yet posted...
  9. Twilight on the Gulf in the Bonanza 33. Had to turn back though, passenger forgot their iPad.....
  10. little tidbits of info like this is a contribution to the whole x-plane community, thanks phillip, i just changed mine
  11. hi ben console says cannot find init.lua but scripts folder has init.lua.aes i'm on a mac tomcat357
  12. Wow....and I'm still working on my carport.....
  13. Yea, you missed my point....you guys have fun..
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