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  1. I got the new handles by mail. They are great! Modded the mount to fit the side of my chair
  2. Yes, tried it just now. Much easier than setting up profiles in saitek editor. You also get the 2 flap setting (although you never use it ) After a short testflight to EDDH I now recommend using speedbrake/throttle/flaps. Feels great! I don´t miss the dual throttles at all, never used them much anyway
  3. Great! I will try the updated script. It's probably the best way to go
  4. After ordering the new handles I played around with settings in X-plane. You don´t need a script if you use Saiteks software and drivers and setup lever 3 with "bands" to output keyboard presses. In X-plane I setup custom keycommands for each flapsetting. No more "14,6" flaps Just make sure to install the drivers from Saitek or else it won´t output keypresses. (I use CTRL+Shift+ "numbers" for each flapsetting. Also, I use "advanced command" in Saiteks software to make sure the lever doesn´t hold the keys for more than a second or less.) Some white electricaltape and a permanent marke
  5. Mine was delivered with three black knobs, one blue and one red.
  6. Wow! Those handles look amazing. Just ordered! Thank you!
  7. I'm very happy with my setup. It's pretty cheap, accurate and portable : - Saitek throttle qudrant setup for my right hand (see post above) - Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight stick setup for my left hand. - Razer Naga mouse (right hand) It has a full numeric keypad on the side for easy change of views. I'm righthanded but I've learned to fly with my left hand. This way I can fly the airplane AND manipulate buttons in 3D-cockpit/change views/zoom with my mouse at the same time. The T-16000M is VERY precise because it has hall effect sensors instead of potentiometers (nul
  8. T1 - Flaps up T2 - Flaps down T3 - Speedbrakes up T4 - Speedbrakes down T5 - Gear up T6 - Gear down
  9. The "bottom buttons" I use for left and right brake
  10. With my large hands my indexfinger and ringfinger is a perfect fit over lever 1 and 3
  11. Just wanted to share how I setup my Saitek throttle quadrant in the IXEG 737 (anyone else using it like me?). I use lever 1 for throttle 1, lever 2 for reverse thrust, lever 3 for throttle 2. It makes the throttle feel "larger" in my hand than using lever 1 and 2 for throttle
  12. @jiggyb2 If you got time... please BRA (airline)
  13. I think they will release it at 7:37 EDT
  14. I agree, I'm just hitting F5 once every two minutes now
  15. ...the next thought in my head was "OMG, I'm banned for reloading the page to many times!"
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