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  1. There is no Linux installer, as expected, but at least they haven't removed the Linux plugin (I really thought they would), so I have installed it with wine without problems. You should remove or rename the old CRJ directory first, otherwise the new one will be mixed with the old one. To make it work it is necessary that the server-lin file in plugins/CRJSE is executable, too.
  2. I think so. Just have a look at this thread:
  3. Yes, it's really hard to resist. I wish Ben would reconsider his decision regarding Linux support for Gizmo.
  4. Um, I’m quite sure that I have changed the right one. And it's also the original .acf file. Btw, setting P acf/_avionics_EQ to 1 doesn't work with the x737 and the vFlyteAir PiperArrowIII either - sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_EQ remains 0.Maybe it's the best to go back to version 10.36. I don't need extended DSFs. Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Dataref sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_on is 1, but sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_EQ is still 0, altough I have set P acf/_avionics_EQ to 1 in the .acf file. When I set sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_EQ to 1 via dataref editor, then I can hear the fan.
  6. Apparently not easy enough for me. ;-) I have changed the .acf file accordingly, but unfortunately the avionics fan sound still doesn't work.
  7. Now I see why only the CRJ is affected. Thanks a lot for your explanation!
  8. Hi, after updating to X-Plane 10.40 (and 10.41) I have noticed that the avionics sound doesn't work anymore. The file "CRJ200 avionics.wav" is still there and it isn't damaged. All other sounds work. Can anyone confirm this issue? My OS is openSuse 13.2 x86_64. Log.txt
  9. I have tried different locale settings, unfortunately without any success so far. Since I seem to be the only one with this problem, perhaps I should consider a distribution update to rule out the possibility that this is caused by a bug in a system library.
  10. Yes, they do. They only disappear when NAV SOURCE is set to FMS. But as soon as I switch to VOR 1 or 2 the boxes are back.
  11. Hi, right from the beginning I have had "boxes" on the PFD with certain VOR names. But now with version 1.4.4 these "boxes" are there all the time, even when no navaid name is displayed. Is there a trick to get rid of them? X-Plane 10.04r3 Suse 11.4 Kernel 2.6.37 x86_64 GeForce GTS 450 / 290.10
  12. I removed all plugins from Ressources/plugins, but unfortunately it didn't change anything. Furthermore, I found out that SID KO4D (ULLI, 10L) crashes X-Plane, too. KO3D works fine. By the way, there has been one oddness since 1.4.2: When I start X-Plane or open the CRJ, most of the time the plugin for the CRJ is loaded but disabled. On the other hand, the crashes occur regardless of whether the plugin is disabled at the beginning or not. I guess the reason for the last line in the Log.txt is that X-Plane was already listening on port 18387 when I enabled the plugin by hand. Log.txt
  13. I reinstalled the plane, but X-Plane still crashes when I try to pick FSK3E. Other SIDs in LGTS, such as FSK4A or FSK4B, work fine. Strange.
  14. Hi, when I try to choose SID FSK3E for runway 28 in LGTS, X-Plane crashes with the following message: HDG_CRS is 0 in an Intc waypoint Suse 11.4 X-Plane 9.70 Airac 1202 backtrace.txt
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