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  1. I suggest that when selecting speed or altitude, the knobs have auto rotation with the left mouse button pressed. Thanks.
  2. Hi Pils, Thanks for the info - good idea. I used the format from SimBrief. Next time I'll try your suggestion. In rl I think we used your format. But, that was over 25 years ago....................................
  3. I tried to put in Trans-Atlantic waypoints like 4810N04000W and it wasn't accepted - "not in database". Is there a way to get the Atlantic Tracks/fixes recognized? Thanks
  4. I enjoy this well above average aircraft. The skill and time that went into it is appreciated. Question: All the circuit breakers are modeled. If one pops behind the seats the only way (so far) to see it is to look sideways between the panels and the seats. Is there a way to view the circuit breaker panels straight on? Pop-up panel? Folding seats? Incidentally, I like the pop-up panels provided as they are easier for me to read/see. Thanks for a great product.
  5. It would be nice to see a "person" behind the desk.
  6. Hi Cameron and Coop, Thanks. I got it working now. The load manager appears on the left side. It's a great airplane and glad to have it fully functional again. With a screen resolution of 3840X2160 that tab is really small. Thanks again for your assistance.
  7. Hi, I seem to be missing the plug-in menu. It doesn't show in the XP plug-ins at the top of the screen. I've downloaded twice and to two different drives (minimum plug ins) and get the same result. How do I show the Mooney plug-in to select the various items indicated in the handbook?? Thanks. Log.txt
  8. Hi Jan, Thanks. Please note that the IXEG menu at my screen resolution (3840X2160) is very grey, small and hard to read - even with my glasses on. I hope that can be improved. Anyway, once I got the B737 cranked up I had a very nice flight from KEWR to KORD. Thanks to all for this great simulator aircraft. It reminds of the good old days flying the B757 and B767 in real life. The B737 has a very similar layout.
  9. Hi, I installed v3.1 and though I call for the aircraft to be running on start - the cut-off levers are down, shut-off. I tried a clean install on another drive and got the same result. The engines sound like they are running with many low pressure lights and the gauges do not increase with thrust lever increase. Was ist los?
  10. HI prdant, I just went through the voodoo of flight plans where one of my .fpl wasn't recognized- very annoying. The following worked: So, I went to RouteFinder for the route, copied and pasted the route to Notepad++ and saved it directly to the coroutes folder. It even saved it without the .txt extension. I hope this helps. Note RouteFinder and Notepad++ are available as free items.
  11. Hi, The IXEG B733 is a well above average XP aircraft. I enjoy flying it. While easier said than done, I hope IXEG can develop a - 400 or higher variant in the (near) future. The B737 has had such an amazing growth over the years.
  12. Double WOW! Stunning work. This looks like a winner and sure to find its way into my X-Plane hangar. Keep up the good work.
  13. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! What a nice surprise. TerraMaxx looks very promising. Thanks go to JohnMaxx for his artistry and hard work. Good Luck and success with this new product.
  14. Page one says there are 367 liveries (and growing). Wow! Outstanding participation by the various artists. Thanks for your work.
  15. Hi, My thanks to all for the CRJ-200 update to v1.71. A nice and timely Christmas surprise. I hope this is a harbinger for many more XP11 updates. The B767-300 XP11 update came out just about concurrently. Nice. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
  16. Well, that is a nice bit of good news. Thanks for the heads up Jose. I think that updated CRJ-200 will be the first X-Plane 11 aircraft, crafted especially for the new sim, that goes into my hangar. I am looking forward to the release. So, thanks also to Javier and X-Aviation.
  17. Wow! Looks beautiful. Very nice work indeed. I am looking forward to the release. Good Luck.
  18. Hi Tom, Thanks. I thought the Fuel Cross Feed Valve was directional - left or right. However, I see the parallel white lines make it clear it is bi-directional. Now I can balance my left and right tanks as necessary. For some reason, the right fuel consumption is slightly higher than the left. Insofar as the ADF goes i did select the ADFs on the RMI and both radios were tuned to an ADF frequency. The selectors were on ADF I believe, unless when they were changed in a fresh restart of the a/c. I was over the Bahamas for one Bahamian freq and tested 880 WCBS at the same time. In real life flying I would check the bearing to NY abeam FL and try and get football scores for the pax time permitting. 880 had a great range. All that said, I just checked the ADFs and they are pointing ok! Thanks for your response. This is a great a/c. Keep up the good work.
  19. When tuned to an ADF frequency and ADF selected, they do not point at all. The VOR needles work ok. The Fuel Cross Feed Valve selector on the overhead panel does not turn to the right. The left works ok.
  20. I upgraded to 1.06 and had instruments misplaced and no B737 menu. Pilots were in the cockpit as well. So, I reverted back to 1.05 and all worked properly. And no pilots. Then I went back to upgrade 1.06 and all is in place and working properly. No pilots. Note: The Fuel Crossfeed valve on the overhead panel does not turn to the right. Advice: Save your Hotfix emails.
  21. I had CTD several times. After a while I found the plug-in culprits in my case to be: GndHandling SeaTraffic Now X-Plane 10.50b1 is running ok.
  22. Hi Jan, Thanks for taking the time and your input. I checked again today and I am not disputing your numbers. My check is: I go from 280kts to 190kts at 3,000', 99,500 gw. and it takes 1:25 with the A/T engaged and 1:38 with the A/T off. Like I said, this is a slick airplane. Boeing did a fine job. If it ain't a Boeing..................... And ixeg likewise. Thanks again. My next check is an emergency descent.
  23. Hi Jan, Thanks. I've been retired now for 20 years. I flew BAC-11, B727, B757, B767 and MD11 and props before them. I guess it is a feeling - "seat of the pants" - thing. Maybe, my memory is getting a bit foggy. Ah, those were the good old days. It is good to see the ixeg B737 in XP-10 in such good detail. Keep up the good work. Flight simulators have come a long way.
  24. The ixeg B737 is a slick airplane - in more ways than one. In level flight at 280 knots pulling the thrust levers back to idle, it seems (to me) that the a/c takes an inordinate amount of time to slow to 190kts. clean. Further slowing with incremental flaps also seems slow. The speed brakes seem relatively ineffective as well. I give myself an extra couple of minutes to slow down for the pattern or ILS and descent profile.
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