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  1. It's no big deal anyway, just would be cool if it's added to the layer when toggled first.
  2. And some feedback update: I got the latest beta of xpilot and performance increased even before the latest cl60 version. Now it runs surprisingly smooth for such a complex module. Very pleased with the current version. Almost no drops under 30 fps. Thanks again.
  3. select hide select new pop up and all the other appear too I am using X Plane in windowed mode
  4. Thank you for the reply. Regarding the voices, maybe some volunteers from the community could be implemented, just like in the zibo mod or the better pushback plugin. And some additional noises like foot steps according to the number of passengers would be cool. On "killing" the fbo, I guess you mean to walk just through? Also, I haven't found the option to get passengers on the plane without the fbo. Or is it enough to put some numbers in the fms. ( I didn't check the x plane w&b yet to confirm this) The problem with the dark refueling panel and the push buttons could maybe be solved by showing an arrow up/down next to the hand icon... Some more feedback: the sim crashed on my last flight in the descent after a 3 hour leg and I was able to restore it completely without problems... that was a nice surprise. Had a constant warning "not on track to intercept" or something like this, when i took off of kpsp: a/p on hdg then on nav to intercept vor radial then deleted a wyp after the vor and go direct the wyp after via fms nav. I am using the option to hide and show all selected pop up panels at once, so if you hide them and then choose another panel to pop up all the before selected appear too.
  5. The indicated wind direction in the fms nav status page seems to be backwards... Also the downloaded winds are most of the time not really accurate. I am using ASXP. Simbrief winds are more reliable.
  6. First of all, english is not my native language... and that's the the best module I have purchased for X-Plane 11 until now! My fleet: Airfoillabs B350, FF A320, Toliss A321, TBM900, ZIBO B738 My Rig: I7 6700K, GTX 960, Win 10 Pro: 1. Good performance even with my specs, 30-50 fps... HDR, Texture Medium,AA- 2xSSAA+FXAA, World Objects Medium, Non Vulkan , Reflection Minimal 2.Systems Depth 3.Outstanding 3d modelling 4.Immersion (FBO, FO) Con: 1. Xpilot: There seems to be some conflict with Xpilot, experienced heavy fps drops when there are many clients nearby(US more playable than EU) Much better performance without Xpilot 2.Gizmo eating too many fps (already known) 3. I would like to see some variety regarding the passenger, fbo, pilot voices ... it's gonna get annoying really fast imo or maybe an option to mute these and have a text info instead. 4. FBO: At the current state feels unnecessary, eats up vram... just to sign a 2d paper and open a website outside of the simulator I like the idea, but imo a (fancy) pop out menu or screen would to the same and make the selection between career and normal mode obsolete, which imo is also unnecessary...theres is not much difference and that leads to another problem... If the sim crashes, the state of the a/c is saved... i know some might say then just choose the normal mode, but I like to have the position on the ground to be remembered and a consistent airframe. The TBM way works just fine for me. Oh and a Loadsheet would be nice. 5.Refuel Panel is too dark In summary thank you for this "overpriced" module. Edit: Forgot to mention how satisfying it is to land this plane, also it is hard to see if the buttons are pushed in or out . Cheers
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