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  1. Thank you for the reply. Regarding the voices, maybe some volunteers from the community could be implemented, just like in the zibo mod or the better pushback plugin. And some additional noises like foot steps according to the number of passengers would be cool. On "killing" the fbo, I guess you mean to walk just through? Also, I haven't found the option to get passengers on the plane without the fbo. Or is it enough to put some numbers in the fms. ( I didn't check the x plane w&b yet to confirm this) The problem with the dark refueling panel and the push buttons could
  2. The indicated wind direction in the fms nav status page seems to be backwards... Also the downloaded winds are most of the time not really accurate. I am using ASXP. Simbrief winds are more reliable.
  3. First of all, english is not my native language... and that's the the best module I have purchased for X-Plane 11 until now! My fleet: Airfoillabs B350, FF A320, Toliss A321, TBM900, ZIBO B738 My Rig: I7 6700K, GTX 960, Win 10 Pro: 1. Good performance even with my specs, 30-50 fps... HDR, Texture Medium,AA- 2xSSAA+FXAA, World Objects Medium, Non Vulkan , Reflection Minimal 2.Systems Depth 3.Outstanding 3d modelling 4.Immersion (FBO, FO) Con: 1. Xpilot: There seems to be some conflict with Xpilot, experienced heavy fps drops when there are many clien
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