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  1. Thank you very much Sergio!
  2. Gentlemen, we're very happy to say that our site is finally online, another step forward the release of our MD-82! The site is available here: http://ats-simulations.com/ Other than the announcements here, you can subscribe our newsletter in order to receive our news by e-mail. Please feel free to let us know what you think and if you find any kind of problem with the site, thank you very much. AlfaMike
  3. Today I did some specific tests regarding a feature I never told you about: I planned a function in order to automatically update the plane when the plugin find a newer version, in this way you shouldn't worry about missing and/or manual updates and theoretically you could update every single component of the plane (the code allow this), no matter if the update is about a script, a texture, a sound, an object or anything else... the only possible issue is about the generated data traffic when transferring big files such textures or objects, that's something I need to analyze carefully. In
  4. Few updates lately as I'm very busy with the holdings management so lot of coding activity, here are two screenshot of actual work in progress: Actually I plan it to be a simple management, probably limited to no more than two, three holdings due the complexity of the system, but I’ll try to improve it in subsequent updates.
  5. Looking again at the documentation the ID parameter is still the 2nd, not the 1st: So now I'd try with: navID = nav.findNavAid(nil, string.upper(destination), nil, nil, nil)
  6. My bad, I thought that it uses the same syntax of XPLMFindNavAid, sorry.
  7. XPLMFindNavAid require six parameters, not five. As you're using the ICAO code try this: navID = nav.findNavAid(nil, string.upper(destination), nil, nil, nil, nil)
  8. Here's the preview development video made by Thomas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqEI853IHQs (sorry I don't know how to insert directly the video)
  9. A screenshot done right now from one of our beta testers: ready for the take off!
  10. Disabling plugins is almost useless because they are already loaded so your tests would be untrusted, you should physically remove them from the plugins folder and then restart X-Plane.
  11. Hello all, 10.50 was officially released, as the rc3 was declared final who have installed it in the past shouldn't receive the message about the new version.
  12. Oh boy, so was that... seems that there was no sign about the doubled function name on the log, one of those hidden errors/warnings that sometimes developers have to deal with (no matter the IDE). Thank you for the follow up!
  13. That 'something' is a redistributable runtime module that allow some plugins to work, without that module you can see strange behaviours. Please note that often you'll need to install more than just one version of that redistributable, starting from 2010 (earlier version are available too but speaking about X-Plane those shouldn't be requested at all) up to 2015, and you need to install them from the oldest upwards.
  14. We're glad to be the one that will let you fall in love with the MD-82!
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