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  1. Blue cockpit shots...
  2. External night screenshots with fully lit cockpit...
  3. As mentioned by Alfamike, are provided two cockpit colors (brown-pink and blue). Of course the colors are influenced by the graphic engine, the time of day, the shadows etc. of X-Plane. In the case of Flood lights on the panel pilot and co-pilot in the MD80 there are two types of lamps, white fluorescent, and incandescent white both driven separately for each side. So in the case the fluorescent are turned on, the color tone of light is bluish-white, while in the case of incandescent tends to be a white-yellowish. As Lights Spill these affect the color of the object on which the
  4. Work with lights proceed, this time concerns the cockpit: here you can see some screenshots regarding pilot and copilot fluorescent lights only, pilot and copilot incandescent lights only, all flood lights but the cockpit flood and alternate thunderstorm, and last but not the least flood lights pilot + copilot + pedestal + central instrument panel + overhead. As the spill lights are somewhat ‘heavy’ with the frame rate we’re still working about their optimization in order to keep the frame rate as high as possible.
  5. Two shots taken quickly, custom lights only HDR on.
  6. Another view from the cabin, always WIP.. parsec
  7. Hello all, as the work continue incessantly here’s a little preview of the cabin, work is at 90% so it’s almost ready. parsec
  8. Thank you very much. parsec.
  9. Hi! Here we are with updates. Completed Main Landing Gear. Outside almost finished (99%) and ready to start the cockpit. More images.
  10. Ok, + of 1.100.000 polygons. Not I understand why You wrote: "If you look at the elevator you can see what a elevator (or an exterior part) should look like in wire frame mode, (poly wise) otherwise this does look amazing." enclosing a picture on working with polygons on my work of MD 80. The whole outer part of my model (MD 80) fuselage, wings, all surfaces of control, all windows, all doors, the stairs, all nose landing gear, all main landing gear right and left, all antennas etc., the polygon count is approximately 450.000. I will use more or less the same number for the res
  11. Absolutely not, the Boolean cuts create serious problems to the mesh. Are cuts made ​​on the mesh and subsequent welding of the vertices if necessary,is a technique that is acquired over time to gain control of the meshand avoid artifacts etc., etc.
  12. Perfect PWJT8D centered the question. Thanks!!
  13. X-Plane is a platform that digest well the polygons, of course we must not exaggerate the problem is the texture in this case we must be wise. Achieving a quality product naturally involves trade-offs, In the first draft of the 3D model of the MD 80 had 1,500,000 polygons. I lost most of the time dedicated to this project to optimize the model eliminating loop edge up to decrease the number of polygons to 1/4 of the initial (1,500,000) without compromising the mesh, the smoothing and without creating artifacts. The result is visible from the images. I also believe that it is not honest
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