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  1. My money is on the Honeycomb Bravo causing problems...it seems to be prone to cause them, at least I got the impression. Maybe unplug it (does it have a dedicated software interface?) and try again?
  2. Hi Tristan, the real 737-300 comes in a myriad of different weights...depending on configuration, route flown, etc. There is the absolute empty weight (no crew, no oil, no equipment, no nothing). Then there is the Dry Operating Weight (DOW) with everything needed except for passengers and fuel. Then there is the Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) with everything loaded...except for fuel. Then there is the Grossweight (GW) which is the actual current weight of the aircraft. When the plane is about to take off, we call the Grossweight at that second the Take off Weight (TOW) - this determines how much fuel you will need for the trip for planning purposes. The only weights of any interest to the pilot are the ZFW "zero fuel weight" (i.e. weight with all fuel flown out) and the TOW "take off weight" (i.e. the weight the plane has when entering the runway for takeoff. I am not familiar with SimBrief, but all the other weights you enter should have no effect at all on the flightplan, performance or fuel needed. It is like entering the empty weight of your car when you try to figure out how much fuel you will need when you go on vacation with your family...it is not relevant, only the actual weights are. So looking at the SimBrief weights you want to make sure that the OEW is the same as the empty weight in the X-Plane menu. Then load up the plane with passengers (104kgs x number of pax) and add that - this should be equal to the ZFW in the IXEG menu. OEW (empty weight) + pax = ZFW ZFW + Fuel = GW (gross weight or actual weight) Cheers, Jan
  3. Good morning, Silvereagle! I have moved this to "general discussion" as this is a more fitting place than the Gizmo soft crashes forum, but a link to the new place should let you find it. The problem is probably caused by either the plugin called "fly with lua" - if you have it, you need to physically move it out of your X-Plane folder, simply "closing it" in the plugin manager does not work. Other than that it could be some mapping problem, try to access the joystick configuration menu and make sure that the axis you are trying to use is bound to "throttle" and that there is no axis conflict (usually shown in red). Let me know if this helps, Cheers, Jan
  4. Sometimes it is the easy thing that is hard to spot! I am happy that you figured out what was the problem and hope that you can enjoy the 737 now! A little anecdote: You would not believe how many CATIIIa approaches got off to a bad start because the (professionally trained) pilots forgot to tune the ILS on the second set and then could not engage the second autopilot...
  5. Litjan


    Hi, try the IXEG preferences menu to adjust sound - bump mouse against left side of screen to access it.
  6. I am sorry that you still have problems - but at the same time I am fairly certain that they are due to "operator error". While our aircraft is certainly not perfect, the problems you describe are certainly unique. Just the fact that you place an aircraft with 0 airspeed into midair and then are confused why it "pitches up and is uncontrollable" makes me think that maybe there are further issues like that which make the 737 exhibit "unexplicable" behaviour for you. But you are right - it is most important to have fun when playing flightsimulation games and if something causes frustration - it is sometimes best to just move on. All the best, Jan
  7. If your preference file is the cause of your problem, you are just copying over the problem. Dont do that. And I would recommend installing the 737 totally fresh, that way also the plugin will be the correct version and such...
  8. You can simply copy an existing installation wherever you want. You can simply make a new folder called "X-Plane Vanilla Testbed" and then a subfolder X-Plane 11 in there...
  9. PS: You can simply install another copy of X-Plane into a different directory...if you have a lot of stuff installed in your main X-Plane installation... I like to keep one like that as a "testbed".
  10. Just got back - hmm, so it does sound like there is a deeper problem in your system. Reinstalling the aircraft is probably not going to help, although it can´t hurt, either. To really troubleshoot the problem you will have to revert your X-Plane setup to a "vanilla" situation (as if you just downloaded it from Laminar Research) and then install the 737. That would be the basis to really find out what is going on, without possible interference from other plugins and add-ons. Cheers, Jan
  11. Hehe, you need to read exactly what I wrote. It is vitally important for this to work. I will quote myself again: The behaviour you describe is exactly what I would expect if you drag an aircraft across uneven ground at lightning speed - then put it into the air at 0 airspeed ;-)
  12. Yes, this is very much the case - especially when using the "10NM final approach" - X-Plane will try to set up the plane correctly for the approach, but this will not work reliably with a custom aircraft that is using many variables that our outside X-Plane´s control. A surefire way to start up in the air is this: Spawn on the ground, startup state "ready to fly". Then PAUSE, use the map to first set altitude to 3000 or 4000 or so...then set up speed to 220 kts, and pitch to 5 degrees (also heading if needed). Then drag the plane to about 20 NM out. Now unpause - then immediately click on AP A CMD and select a pitch mode (like ALT HOLD), then turn on the Autothrottle (this will engage speed mode). Now you are safe ;-) Now you can raise the gear (and release the parking brake), and then use the autopilot to set up for an approach at leisure. Cheers, Jan
  13. Just tried it myself - and I managed to get into a similar state that you describe. What happened in my case is that I was in a rapid climb to 4000 feet when the GS captured - but the plane was not fast enough pitching down to intercept it and it went "out of bounds", so to say. I would recommend moving the plane manually back a bit further after using the "10 NM final" setup. The plane needs more time to stabilize, and you want to intercept the glideslope at a shallow enough angle that the plane can actually follow it. To move the plane, just open the map (m key), then drag the plane on the map. Let me know if that helps? Cheers, Jan
  14. Hmm, this sounds like some more serious underlying issue. If the AP light flashes red, the AP is not in control. Check the FMA (flight mode annunciation) - you want green labels in the top row, and also CMD in green on the very right side. One measure (to rule out simple operator error) I find extremely helpful is uploading a short video of how things go wrong. Even a clip filmed with a smartphone (held fairly steady) can bring a lot of things to light! After you rule out unwanted joystick interference and things like going too slow (stalling) - the next step would be to (temporarily) uninstall all other addons, especially things like XPUIPC and fly-with-lua. Another source of trouble could be erroneous joystick button or axis assignments that cause the autopilot to disconnect, especially things like trim (which will disconnect the autopilot) and secondary axis assignments that can double the regular flightcontrol axis assignments. Last resort would be trying with the joystick disconnected (especially the Honeycomb Throttle, I have read many quirky things about it) and see if that helps. It has to be something unique to your setup, otherwise this forum would be full of complaints about this with several thousand copies sold... and I am determined to help you find out what it is . Cheers, Jan
  15. Hi there! Glad you are enjoying the aircraft - but sad to hear that you are having trouble with it. From the sound of it, you are doing pretty much everything correctly. The one thing that raises a flag is the "instability in pitch" that you describe. That sounds like possibly your joystick might be interfering with the autopilot trying to fly the aircraft. On the second picture you posted you can see that the autopilot is in (yellow) CWS P - which means the pitch is controlled by "control wheel steering" - this means that you either never selected a pitch command (like ALT HOLD) or that it disconnected because it detected the pilot giving inputs on the "control wheel" = joystick in the pitch channel. If you have a "noisy" joystick that is sending erroneous pitch commands, you can increase the "joystick dead zone" in the IXEG preferences menu that comes out if you bump against the left-hand screen edge. Let me know if this info helped? Cheers, Jan
  16. Hi, that is a known bug that Tom fixed already for the next release (whenever that will be ). Here is what happens: Currently the V/S scrollwheel is coded to have a limited number of revolutions up or down. So you can roll it down for maybe -10.000 feet...then it gets stuck. Whenever you select another mode, the number on the display gets reset to 0000 - so it is hard to see that you maybe already almost "used up" your "rolling down" number. So one trick is to select another mode, then roll your V/S scrollwheel the "other way"...this frees up additional revolutions in the other direction. Think of a string attached inside...once you are at the limit, you can´t turn it further anymore. But rolling the other way will loosen up the string again. Sorry for the inconvenience, Jan
  17. Hi Luiz, to see traffic on your navigation display (ND) you need to be in a mode that displays navigational data (i.e. NOT FULL VOR/ILS or PLAN modes) - and you need to set up your transponder to be active, and also TCAS to at least TA. In addition you need to click on the TFC button that is on top of your map range display, check out these two pics:
  18. So far it is either both or none - I think having it either right or left would be possible, but this is an unusual configuration because normally both pilots would have an EFB...or neither. Cheers, Jan
  19. Oh, that is a new one! Does it happen before you touch down (during flight) or afterwards? There are three electrical trim inputs working the elevator - the pilots trim switches on the yoke, the autopilot trim and the speed trim (we do not model Mach trim). To further troubleshoot what is happening to you would need either a better explanation (state of flight-director/autopilot, engaged modes) or even better some screenshots or (the best) a short movie. I am sure we can find out what is going on. Cheers, Jan
  20. In addition - the bearing lines for ADF 1 and 2 (they are superimposed on the picture) will always point to "90 degree relative bearing" - i.e. to the right - when they receive no signal. Opposed to the VOR receiver the ADF receivers have no logic to discern wether they receive a strong enough signal. So it is up to the pilot to determine if the indication of "90 degree to the right" is a valid QDM or simply means "no reception". Cheers, Jan
  21. I think it is mainly a modeling/animation thing that is not trivial - especially on these "plug type" pressure resistant doors that move in complex ways during their operation.
  22. No ETA other than "sooner than never", sorry!
  23. Like Cameron said - bump your mouse against the left side of the screen, then select "preferences" - here you can set up individual sound volume, for example make aviation fans more quiet. Note that some sound settings will also influence the sound setting for other default aircraft, so you may have to set them back to the desired level when flying those again. Cheers, Jan
  24. Yes, of course we did!! No, not really...it is a side-effect of how we grab the weather data from X-Plane. And like Cameron said - no plans to sync native FMS with ours. The plan is (still) to add the missing features (better VNAV descents, holdings). The native FMS is getting better all the time and will get another upgrade for XP12, but what we are looking for is to replicate the exact 737 classic experience, a "generic" FMS, no matter how well done, will not be able to achieve that. Cheers, Jan
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