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  1. in order to get up to the FOV amount you want or need, that high. you'll need a usb hasp key from Laiminar you can do it with one computer if you want. one computer, triple-head-to-go, or multi-video-out video card. set x-plane resolution to the full desktop size resolution so it fills across them. one for the whole view and including 3d cockpit being displayed wrap around. immersive but ill for any cockpit manipulation. ideally, two. one for lets say scenery view (may include 3d cockpit shown in wrap around) one that runs the simulation, basically the flight model and better cleare
  2. thanks for the ref Steve. +obtw/fwiw, all my current models are current.
  3. standard pressure at sea level 131,325 pascals also probably remedied if you delete x-plane preferences x-plane/output/preferences/
  4. the red dot is, "3d cockpit lighting" planemaker, viewpoint, int lights. you have a lamp entered there.
  5. http://en.wikipedia....ling_with_power Rotorcraft Flying Handbook http://www.faa.gov/l...a-h-8083-21.pdf The severity of VRS experienced in x-plane helicopters has a lot to do with the rotor airfoils. Pilot technique will always be the a factor in onset of VRS. I recommend the Rotorcraft Flying Handbook for the best information and description about it, and flying techniques.
  6. Ask the ebay seller. they are the only one that can specify what they are selling, exactly. personally, I would recommend against buying software on ebay. just too much potential for scams. buy x-plane from x-plane.com or x-plane.org. at http://www.x-plane.com/pg_store.html ; it's only $29 I suspect you have the demo already, but in case ; http://www.x-plane.com/pg_downloads.html
  7. 'skoobiey doobie doooooooo! "rwher re fryring towday raggie?"
  8. 9.67 is the currently listed final version. http://x-plane.com/pg_downloads.html 9.68 is Beta I suggest using the bug report form to cite the issue about the other-aircraft as an issue that is affecting 9.68 Beta http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html
  9. I look forward to seeing what you've done. I assume before even seeing it, it's just what the eye doctor ordered.
  10. Live as one chooses. No ones way is more right than another. In the end, be able to look back and have enjoyed the path you took. At least accepting of it. To be proud of it, is pride. Eat Bacon, Drink Whiskey, (and/or/otherwise) Be true to whatever you believe.
  11. a couple emails, one to each of the relevant people, would do more than leaping to assumptions either way.
  12. SEAWING RICON north central MT LJX between KGTF - KBIL
  13. AADX JOKER IX @ KGTF Great Falls, MT
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