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  1. Fantastic work Michael. These last few posts here have forced me to come out of "hiding". Over the last little while my opinion of your work has changed radically. I want to apologize for some nasty things I may have said in the past. I'm sure it goes without saying, but the advanced mapping will be applied to the wings and engines down the road, correct?
  2. I love this plane! It's extremely fun, yet slightly challenging to fly, which is just what I want in and aircraft. Beautifully modelled inside and out. I spend hours just going in 3d cockpit mode just looking around the cabin, admiring the 3d modelling job. The sounds are great. It feels like you're really in the cockpit. From what I can tell, this is one of the few planes that actually sounds like the real thing. Systems are a bit lacking, and feel quite basic. I believe they are mostly default x-plane systems. Given that it's really the only ultra-high-quality payware business jet in x-pla
  3. After hours on google earth, I can't seem to find anything that looks right in Hawaii. I'll guess anyway... Kona intl? (wishful thinking)
  4. Ok good to know. Well the restaurant in the old terminal was better food anyway. Now I'm excited for this "tropical" scenery.
  5. Thanks Colin looks fantastic! I live literally ten minutes away from boundary bay. Will you also model the new terminal building? It doesn't look like the orthos you have are new enough. (sorry for the bad photo couldn't fine a better one)
  6. Isn't there a specific support section for this kind of question since this is a WIP thread?
  7. Every time there's an update on this project of any kind i get extremely jittery. WOOOHOOO!!! (sorry for the overreaction)
  8. Better than last season! ...and waaay better than my team.
  9. That's awful. I feel terrible for you Colin.
  10. Great to hear! Glad you're back at it Colin.
  11. I don't think Mardfjall is asking for a progress report. Just screenshots, regardless of the development made from their last update.
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