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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, now that we all have been flying our 737 classic, by far the best simulation in all of flight sim in my opinion. What do you think our new favorite developers at IXEG have in store next? Do you think it's too soon to start the what's next question? This aircraft is the first time that we have had a chance to really see what's possible on the XPX platform. That said, I'm now very curious to see what else IXEG can pull off on this platform. Do you think IXEG will follow the path of Level-D, releasing the one hit wonder B767-300ER, or do you think they can be our version of PMDG for XPX? I hope IXEG take some time to enjoy the success of this launch and continue to respond to bug reports for the 737. But I hope sometime in the future we hear plans of what they have in store for us next. Can you imagine a IXEG 777 or 787? X-Plane would dominate if they did that. FlyTampa, FSDT, Flightbeam Studio Taxi2Gate wake up! The future of flight simulation is here on X-Plane. It's got to be a bummer missing out on all those sales when the 737 was released. Heck I bought 3 new sceneries on release day, but none from these developers because they are stuck in the 32bit past. I have no doubt that PMDG have paid attention to the successful launch of this aircraft, and I'm very curious to see what they can do with the platform as well. For now IXEG, you have the floor. Our ears are open and we are on the edge of our seats. You have our full attention.
  2. Hey Guys, I am very new to Xplane, and new to this whole simulator. I am starting to learn all the basics of aircraft, and autopilot, ATC stuffs, etc. However, to learn all the good autopilot stuffs, I may need a bit bigger plane than Cessna one. Is there any good started freeware aircraft which I can play with to learn all these stuffs first ? I do not want to fly A380 as I find that extremely difficult to land. Any suggestions from the experienced Xplane flyers would really help.
  3. Hi I am new to x plane 10 and am enjoying it to a certain degree. I have downloaded some aircraft and scenery which I think are really, really good and I am really grateful that there are folk who spend their time creating these addons. However, I have an annoying problem. When an aircraft is set down at the airport I sometimes find myself outside the craft and not in the cockpit. I have tried the different views but to no avail, I just cant get inside the aircraft. Sometimes all i see is the window area, but it looks as if it is separate from the rest of the plane. I have done a view to see if the plane is actually there, and it is, but I simply cant get inside it. Can anyone help me please as this is driving me nuts. It doesn't just happen with the addons, but also the aircraft that came on the x plane 10 disc. So far the Cessna has been ok. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'll try not to make this post too ponderously large, but I've got a few things to announce and I just figured I get it all done at once. I have been working on some new aircraft for X-plane for a few months now ( I say a few, but it's probably been 6 or 7 months since I first got the creative bug to work on plane for Xplane) and I thought it was about time I introduced myself to the fantastic flight sim community here and let everyone see what I've been working on. I'd love to get some feedback as well as perhaps some answers to some questions that have been plaguing me while trying to get these aircraft finished and flying in the sim. First and foremost is my RV-4, which is very near completion. However I've been confounded by the complexities of getting a fully 3D panel working and animated in X-plane. For me the easy part is the modeling. Once I started trying to make it all work in the sim, I began to have problems. I've been watching Dan Klues tutorial youtube channel incessantly, but it still doesn't quite make sense to me how the custom gauges and manipulators work. If any of you more left-brain inclined individuals would like to help me with this I would certainly appreciate it. Next is a detailed rendition of the venerable 1913 Deperdussin Monocoque Racer. The model for this is nearly complete and I also put together a new ACF file in Planemaker for it, but again I have been frustrated by issues. For some odd reason when I test the ACF in X-plane, the second the plane is loaded up on the runway, it flips insanely end over end and crashes. I made sure that all wind or weather of any kind is turned off, but I still get this issue where it flips like a flap jack from just idling on the runway. The only thing I can see that is any different in Planemaker is that there is a Red Dot at the front of the aircraft which is representing the Weight and Balance reference point. Normally this is a black dot. Lastly I've also been working on an awesome little aircraft known as the Bede-5. It's not a well known or particularly successful aircraft in terms of commercial sales, but it's such a unique little airplane and it has the distinction of being the smallest jet in the world. I'd like to make both an original propeller driven version, circa the 1970's, as well as a modernized jet powered version which I believe can still been seen on the airshow circuit even today. These will all be offered for free at Xplane.org. I would eventually like to make some Payware aircraft, but only if I feel that I have created a complete package that brings something unique to the Xplane flight sim community. Thanks for reading!
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