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  1. No disrespect to the developers on your list, but only one out of that three is bringing consistent decent quality to XPX, and only MisterX can claim to be on the level of FlyTampa in X-Plane 10. Based on the screens coming from Attitude Simulations, if they get KDTW right, then they will probably be the best XPX scenery developer. Standing by with great interest in Icarus's KORD. Their Manchester was good.
  2. Good job! Keep them coming.
  3. Probably the best released scenery to date for XP10. Please people remember to donate something for this scenery if you can so that he can keep them coming, MisterX's work is so much worth it. Combine the surrounding area with world2xplane (mass pro) and g2xpl photo scenery ground textures and you have a masterpiece plus extra.
  4. Hey Jamal, whats your last name?


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  5. Looking good! All I see is quality in these screen shots.
  6. So I was on the fence about buying scenery from Dai-Media. I have been looking for some high quality pay ware scenery that I can fly the IXEG 737 into. I found Dai-Media about a year ago, but I just wasn't very convinced by the videos. I was wrong, the quality of their scenery is amazing and the video don't do the actual scenery justice. I decided to give their LRBS a try, I liked it so much I went back and got LEBL. This development team is doing an awesome job with XP10 scenery development. I'm now standing by for their next release. Day one buy for sure! Now if we can convince them to
  7. Sorry about that. I missed the sarcasm. My original point retracted,
  8. In the video he said the bad news was management of all the fuse switches. This is bad news? How? This is a study level sim. There are certain other simulations for beginners based on flight schools. X-Plane is not one of them.
  9. These new sounds are so good. Thanks Blue Sky Star Simulation!
  10. Released!!! http://www.blueskystar.net/crj200-jrollon.html
  11. Ortho is the photo scenery that sits below your autogen. Tony's w2xp is designed to work with photo scenery. For example your photo scenery is a 2d surface. While in the air that looks okay, on the ground or VFR it would not look very realistic. Tony's w2xp adds a 3d surface layer over the photo scenery using open street map data. Using the sat photo and w2xp you will have an accurate real world representation in your simulator. This is very similar to what you saw in your 32bit sim, if you have any experience with for example an Orbx region. The difference is that orthos plus w2xp is a very a
  12. 1. If you want better ground textures in addition to uhd mesh you will need ortho photoscenery. Use uhd as your mesh, with ortho photo scenery on top of it. Then put World2Xplane on top of your photoscenery. Do this and you should have no further reason to go back to 32bit simulation again. Take a look at some of josjjgibbs twitch steams as an example of what your simulator could look like. Default ground textures are terriable in my opnion. 2. As for seasonal textures, I believe there's a company working on them at the moment. However I'm so impressed with w2xp and orthos that I really d
  13. We want scenery! We want scenery! I think the old 32bit developers are starting to listen. Aerosoft is listening a little more. If you have the time and skill, please respond to this link. I think the release of IXEG 737 has brought a lot of new interest to X-Plane. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/111599-wanted-x-plane-support-officer/
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