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Found 10 results

  1. I've looked elsewhere for this topic and have not found anything recent or exactly pertinent to my issue. I'm running X-Plane 11.55 in Experimental Flight Model, Downwind ILS not disabled. I have 2 years of X-Plane - I'm retired - it's COVID - so I likely have over 1000 hours in on X-Plane. So not a newbie. I have not had this AC previously and so had a clean install of the latest version about 3 weeks ago. I'm running through the IXEG tutorials that are dated 2016, so not sure if there's something wrong with those. (KLAS ILS info has changed but I've taken care of that). Anyway I've run Tutorial 1 a number of times and am now comfortable with the basics of flying this aircraft. I've been in Tutorial 2; Autopilot and Flight Director for a week now - probably over 50 hours trying to get the ILS Dual Channel Autoland sequence to work. I've been successful 6 times with likely over 60 attempts and cannot duplicate those particular runs. The issue is that even though I approach the G/S from below, am right on with the heading and inline with the ILS for runway 26L at McCarren Las Vegas the VOR/LOC and G/S armed, they are not captured (with a few exceptions) and I wind up heading for the dirt quite a distance from the runway. As far as I can tell I have the AC configured and positioned as the Tutorial describes. In an effort to cut down on the amount of time required to keep trying this I am now using the X-Plane function to place the AC 10nm out from 26L. I've attached the pics for the initial configuration and position when I'm spawned 10nm out. Then I have a pic of the result of that as the approach progresses and attached the log which I'm pretty sure will be useless. I also pasted the procedure I'm using below. I suspect it's some very subtle timing and/or positional issue. Additional info: Coming back to this after a few hours I was able to get it working 4 times in a row, then after that - changing nothing - very weird behaviors primarily with altitude. Basically not holding the altitude specified, or not acquiring the altitude specified. Gradual ascents or descents or yo yoing - everything is setup exactly as before when it worked several times. Also when the plane spawns the aircraft config can be very different; A/T off, FDs off, N1 on instead of SPEED, ALT HDG, APP and ALT HOLD buttons not operational. Very unpredictable and unreliable. Anyway if anyone has an explanation for this - I would love to hear it! 737-300 ILS Dual Channel Autoland Procedure Set plane 10nm out from RNWY 26L McCarren KLAS Put flaps and throttle in approximate position needed after spawn. Spawn, let equilibrate for 5 seconds or more so to acquire altitude, speed etc. Then hit pause and check configuration and set as necessary. Use the EHSI Map setting – 20 nm, EXP VOR/ILS VOR/ADF Tune Nav 1 and Nav 2 radio to the ILS frequency for the runway 111.50 Set the CRS 1 and 2 and Heading to match the runway heading and make sure it’s in MCP HDG SEL. (259) Set MCP SPD at 140 kts flaps 25 Set MCP ALT to 3800 ft. and MCP ALT HLD AP CMD A on APP Mode on FD’s on, A/T armed, SPEED mode on Unpause. Press CMD B for the AP. This will set up the dual channel autoland. The AP should now keep the plane on the ILS heading and will eventually intercept and then fly the glideslope. Make sure it’s not coming in above the glideslope as that does not work. When the glideslope is captured the green G/S annunciator will appear. When on final speed will be at Vref +5, (127) flaps 40 for low visibility. When the glideslope is captured the MCP HDG, APP indicators go dark and only the Speed MCP is active, along with the CMD A and B indicators of course. Airplane lands. ( I wish) X-Plane Screenshot 2021.11.15 - X-Plane Screenshot 2021.11.15 - X-Plane Screenshot 2021.11.15 -
  2. Hi. Today I bought the IXEG B733 for XP11. She is beautiful, works perfectly fine, except one thing. I wanted to map AP and AT disconnect buttons but I can't do that. In other topics I've read, that I should be able to map those functions I need in the IXEG "tree" but I can't find that "tree". It simpy does not exist in my XP11. Version of my plane is 1.33, joystick is Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X. I reinstalled addon twice (one time it was beta this version, but no joy). The funny thing is that bindings like horizontal stabilizer trimms are working perfectly fine (were mapped for FF B757 and ZIBO B737, before installation of IXEG) I can provide more details and screenshots, if necessary. Any idea how can I fix this problem? Best regards, Chris.
  3. Im learning the ropes on the wonderfull TBM 900. On my last flight I was unable to engage the autopilot. Everything looks good (see screenshot), but the button for engaging the autopilot did not work. Any ideas of what I have missed? I have been following the tutorials, along with this amazing helpfull video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d42c6gq5YUc&t=128s
  4. Kingair

    SAAB 340A

    I have reviewed all the manuals but no mention of where the turn on autopilot button is! Also ,re-play mode dose not record all sound... Log.txt
  5. Hello. I've been enjoying your product as well as reading about the future work on the VNAV and related systems. I've searched about this issue without getting any results. Sorry if it's a duplicated report. I've been noticing an unusual oscillation on the banking when the auto pilot encounters a open turn on the flight path given the route characteristics. The route flown is a SID from KLAS called BOACH SEVEN from runway 07L between BAKRR and MINEY. SID route: https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/1708/pdf/00662BOACH.PDF This behavior is also seen on different navigation paths that features such open turns. A recording follows in this link: I'd like to know if it's a normal behavior on the autopilot when encountering such turns transferring the blame onto the FMC plotting such turns incorrectly (I know it's unlikely, but I'm not a programmer) or is something like the AP is shifting between bank angles values to keep itself on the Nav Path. Appreciated your product. EDIT: Turbulence were absent.
  6. Hi, I'm lately struggling to understand how the 737 (NG and Classic) Autopilot behaves just after takeoff and what's the proper procedure to follow to get a smooth transition to flaps UP speed. The scenery is this: MCP SPD set to V2, HDG mode selected to follow rwy heading, A/T armed, both FDs on, TO/GA engaged. 80knts, V1, rotate... For the IXEG I've observed that prior to TRA (throtte reduction altitude) after FMA announcing throttle ARM, if you push the CMD button then FLCH + N1 modes are automatically engaged. Ok, easy, but is that correct? I read that if no vertical or lateral modes are selected, the A/P should maintain attitude and bank angle. PPRuNe source: "When the A/P is engaged and proper mode selection is not made, AP will switch CWS ROLL,CWS PITCH mode and flashing amber CWS PITCH,CWS ROLL announciaitons on FMA will come on and ask you to give proper roll and pitch modes". Link:http://www.pprune.org/tech-log/115253-737-autopilot-when-engaging.html So the correct sequence would be for example: at TRA push N1 (or it gets automatically engaged), then select one lateral mode (say LNAV), one vertical mode (say FL CH) and last hit CMD. Correct? Maybe @Litjan can help me here. Thanks!! Cris
  7. Hi, no clue if it's a bug or not - I already searched here but I did not find sthg. Scenario: LOWI LOC/DME East 26 VOR LOC 111.1/255° and GS established, descending with the glide to 3700 (Single Channel) Now the the visual runway 08 -> Heading preselected for the left turn Now I clicked HDG SEL but nothing happens. APP stays active. The same for ALT HLD. The only way was to disable the AP completely and continue hand flying (more fun, but that was unexpected :)) Tried a second time, same result. Am I doing sthg wrong? Cheers, Till
  8. Hey Guys, I am very new to Xplane, and new to this whole simulator. I am starting to learn all the basics of aircraft, and autopilot, ATC stuffs, etc. However, to learn all the good autopilot stuffs, I may need a bit bigger plane than Cessna one. Is there any good started freeware aircraft which I can play with to learn all these stuffs first ? I do not want to fly A380 as I find that extremely difficult to land. Any suggestions from the experienced Xplane flyers would really help.
  9. A newbie question again. How do I turn off the annoying chirping and flashing [AP] on the EFIS when I disengage the auto-pilot? It goes until I turn off the battery. JAR's a320 has a button that silences the warning. Thanks, Brad
  10. Hello. I have a problem engaging the autopilot. If i start with the engines running, autopilot works fine. But if i start per the tutorial, i cannot get the autopilot to engage... AND YES the yaw dampeners are engaged (lights out). Is there a certain sequence of button presses that i need to be aware of? By the way ... the CRJ200 is BY FAR the best plane I have in X-plane. Any thought of doing a 737???? thanks! Pat.
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