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  1. Spoilers are numbered from 1 to 12 starting from left to right. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / FUSELAGE / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 GND / FLT / FLT / FLT / FLT / GND / FUSELAGE / GND / FLT / FLT / FLT / FLT / GND
  2. Yes, ground spoilers (no. 1, 6, 7 and 12) are not available until <10ft RAD ALT. And when they are ARMED they activate automatically when you activate thrust reversers.
  3. The same thing happens with Field of View. I want to have 70 deg, and IXEG changes it to 60.
  4. Elevator TO Trim is based on CG. Doesn't matter what the weight is because it can be placed in different areas giving you different CG. Like mfor said you have to change CG manually in Ground Crew menu and it will give you value (by the way - not percent but units). Then you set Elevator trim to match the correct value. You can get it from Ground Crew menu where you set CG, but the 'realistic' thing is to put your CG in TAKEOFF page in CDU and you it will calculate correct trim setting.
  5. I know I'm not Jan, but I'll try to answer as far as I know. Aileron trim is used when for whatever reason your aircraft is abnormally banking to one side or another. Then you use aileron trim - there are two switches. BOTH must be operated at the same time (one gives power, the other gives ground to the actuator). And the only indication is the phisical movement of the control wheel (on the yoke) and it will change the neutral position which you can read from the scale on the top of the yoke column.
  6. That is correct serting because mark is in the middle of the range. MFD shows 40nm with mark at 20nm. No bug here.
  7. Read the friendly forum, 2nd topic on the list... And 5th...
  8. Actually 'Other 737's' comparison is not an argument to me. Why? We don't have more realistic 737 for XP than IXEG, and FS/P3D platform has nothing to do with 'realistic taxiing'. Remember to change controls sensitivity in X-Plane joystick settings from 50% to recommended 25% - it changes a lot and might be a reason of your opinions. I have few hours in EASA certified sim as well - it is very responsive.
  9. Airplane on the ground is actually quite realistic... Imagine 87 degrees turn angle - that's a lot... If your A/P gets disconnected try to change CWS Dead Zone slider in IXEG settings, as it may be caused by noise from you joystick/yoke. SPD BRK does not have a click in real aircraft (it is an axis with quite smooth detents for ARM and FLT DET positions), that is why there is no click sound in IXEG.
  10. Everyone... Mentioned on this forum a few times.
  11. Ben, it wasn't attack on You or other devs, it was a statement that it's at least third topic about performance hit during playing with FMC... I'm perfectly fine with "exception in AV" solution. I know where it comes from and I'm happy with that...
  12. There are 2 topics on top of this section about this performance hit...
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