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  1. EHOW Oostwold View File Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands Oostwold Oldambt airport is a relatively small airfield in the northeastern corner of the Netherlands. This field was a private agricultural airfield for many years. More recently the airfield became public, welcoming visitors. The runway is long and wide, with grass/concrete slabs in the first two thirds of runway 25. Once every two years Oostwold is home to an airshow, hosting many vintage and modern visitors. An airport mainly occupied by general aviation com
  2. EHST Stadskanaal View File Stadskanaal, Groningen, Netherlands. Stadskanaal is a small airstrip in the rural region of Stadskanaal, northeastern Netherlands. This field, with its very short runway, is open to Ultra Light General Aviation (experimentals). The field posesses quite a few hangars and a modern looking restaurant/station building with 'tower' on top. A tiny campsite is even available for your overnight stay or fly-in. Make sure you make yourself aware of the airfield and circuit procedures as the tight circui
  3. That's exactly what happened and what it 'felt' like. REALLY easy to induce oscillation n stuff.
  4. Be gentle with controls, flies more like a laggy 747 than a 737. Good luck!
  5. Just shut off both systems during a circuit. Dang. Landing is really scary without hydraulics. And it's a proper fight for control while reaching out for the alternate gear levers & altn flap switch. For a 733 rookie that is. Really interesting. But, a lot of fun! Thanks for the reminder Morten. BTW: At the age of approx 13 I was a passenger on a full motion F70/100 sim. The capt requested an En-2 on departure from LOWI. Saw the guy fight the controls without hydraulics. Was really impressive. More impressive: he landed it quite nicely (180+ turn from 5000ft amsl, halfway down
  6. I have to say that if I remember correctly this was also the case in a full motion level-D 733 sim I was in some time ago. I can't provide proof or anything now. Just basing this on vague memory, but I think it is supposed to be quite loud. Then again, could be wrong. This static like wind noise is inducing tiredness when loud. Same or even more so with inverter noise (but that is not really relevant now, but that high pitch noise is VERY tiring when working on a powered a/c for a while. Our college F-16A is the worst in the hangar I think). I do encounter the same tiring effect on oth
  7. Yeah, Next to the pedestal. Grab it when it's still hot & fresh. If the lighting is just right you can see it happen when the a/c is moving about a bit. Great for spotting turbulence when not looking towards the instruments. Cheers! (* thx Laminar Research for releasing XP10 in a metal case, so I can use a magnet to hang my paper x-list.)
  8. I have had no issues. A couple of tech failures, but I haven't checked to see if random failures is on. Was a nice challenge anyways. I want to thank the IXEG team as well. The attention to detail is fenominal. Great to see the coffee bouncing about in the cup! I love coffee. The master caution annunciator looking kind of loose is great as well. Very dynamic. Plus, the controls finally move along with the A/P (other a/c look so static). The engines take a lovely long time to spool down. The sound is fenominal! Really immersive. I was parked, with the cockpit windows open, messing
  9. Waiting for release with a cup of coffee here. No hurry at all Wish I had these here at home, though.. But because of college recess I won't get to check 'em out for two weeks. Had to keep my eyes off these manuals and focus on work. Was kind of excited for today.
  10. Or we could enjoy the fact this team is not trying to be everyone else. Doing their own thing and working according to their own values. Last time I checked the world was still spinning and I also noticed my other aircraft in X-Plane still worked. So "tired of waiting"... Go to sleep. And stop demanding things you have no right to demand. IXEG! Good job guys! And thank you guys for being patient and developing this wonderful product up to the standards you guys desire. I believe the X-Plane payware world is in need of more dedicated and passionate guys like you! It was in 1998
  11. Those domes really add character to those old pistonpounders. But I'm not sure if it would suit the 737 that well Img from flickr
  12. My guess is that there are more evident parts of an aircraft that attract a bird's undevided attention a bit more than that beautifully decorative spinner whirl. I would consider a taxi or landing light and the aircraft noise quite annoying. But hey, it turns out I'm not a bird. So what do I know. This is what Rolls Royce said about the whirls: I think their main reason is for ground crews to see easily if an engine is running. On a related note: props have the stripes on the tips to make them more visible while spinning.
  13. Well.. this thread isn't really on topic anyways. Just passing time until I can get my hands on the 733 So, ehr. What's next?
  14. Let's put it this way. I do respect Airbus aircraft. But I love to feed on the discussion and put some fuel on the fire. But! I am that purist kind of guy. The more analogue, the better. (not only in aviation ) I have flown an A320 full motion sim, and it was fun for a while. Just don't like the way the throttle works, the point and shoot controls (auto trim) and the sidestick. Aerobatics are blocked by the flight computers. But yeah this is trying to do stuff you shouldn't do in an airliner On the bright side: they do come with amazingly useful dinnertables where in Boeings the cont
  15. Exactly What fun is there in flying a computer on your computer
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