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  1. Because RWC communication with ASXP has issues on "Always" or "FSGRW/External Injector". The only option that works and has accurate metar is "Never". So now temporary i use Both ( no issues so far) .FSGRW injects weather for the clouds on FSGRW/external injector while i have all winds/turbulence and active air effects from ASXP.
  2. Making a route with Cloud Art 3.3 and flickering issue is still there. When SMP is activated for some reason is much stronger and only when decrease Max surface visibilty on Active Sky ( less than 15km) is getting better. But is still there. Regarding Terrain polygons near Horizon in mountain regions, you mean the floating mountain issue? there is a fix on x-plane.org renopt_planet 1 and change it to: renopt_planet 0 on X-plane preferences
  3. I will check again, i think i had the same flickering with Cloud Art v3.2
  4. beta 9 with SMP pro 4.9.3 + RWC+ ASXP + FSGRW
  5. i have also this Horizon-Flickering issue almost in all flight-routes on high altitude ( above 30.000ft). Acts randomly and i think its X-Plane issue.
  6. Make some flights with real weather ( Active sky or Fsgrw) on Cloudy conditions, new lighting looks ultra nice + one step further from previous releases.
  7. 11.50b6 SMP at night ( 60.000 sq.km)
  8. i also have this issue with Zibo + Toliss 321 , X-Plane default aircraft works fine ( always in 11.50). Will check later FF350 and 767
  9. Got your point, this looks like cloud art? Nice details but as aways repeatable. Check also those Smp photos looks more real even with less details
  10. Already sent those previews to Active Sky, its clear that Fsgrw works much better with SMP+RWC.For sure they must cooperate but is it possible? especially if they are working on their own visual addon
  11. from what X-Plane could give us right now in weather ( including all restrictions and bad weather engine ) i think SkyMaxx is the only honest addon that works with X-Plane. And i used the word "honest" as makes exactly what represents, no volumetric fake promises, bad optimizations,Impressive clouds with huge fps traps behind etc... Cloud art is very good freeware alternative 2d cloud addon but has nothing to do with Skymaxx. My main issue right now is that is not working 100% with Active Sky (compared with Fsgrw.).
  12. seth

    CTD - Bug report

    Hi same also here with 11.50b3 + TBM latest edition random unexpected crashes during flight attached log thanks Seth Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  13. SkyMaxx Pro 4.9.2 on X-Plane 11.50b2/3 + Asxp or Fsgrw + "Ves" Sky colors Works really good so far in Vulkan
  14. Do you have this "over saturation" with Zibo interior/cockpit view? had the same issue but only with Zibo so far , Tbm 900 and default X-plane planes works fine. i dont think its Skymaxx issue
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