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  1. I bought Skymaxx pro v2 on 2014, it was the only Pro weather visual & top-selling ad-don for X-Plane. And here we are on 2020 and still is one of the best and most complete weather visual ( many users already own it)
  2. Thanks for your fast support
  3. had the same also X-System_2020-06-15_02-03-32.mp4
  4. just installed update and i had this issue, i re-installed , same error thanks Seth
  5. @sundog Is this Skymaxx bug or X-Plane beta 10 ? i saw you mentioned before (shadow redraw etc)
  6. testing now , making a route LGAV-EGLL , weather 100% accurate exactly as it is on ASXP + the weather comes from the front smooth with out any abruptly loading transitions.Also now skymaxx is using different type of clouds + more layers ( or is my impression..!!) anyway still testing.
  7. Because RWC communication with ASXP has issues on "Always" or "FSGRW/External Injector". The only option that works and has accurate metar is "Never". So now temporary i use Both ( no issues so far) .FSGRW injects weather for the clouds on FSGRW/external injector while i have all winds/turbulence and active air effects from ASXP.
  8. Making a route with Cloud Art 3.3 and flickering issue is still there. When SMP is activated for some reason is much stronger and only when decrease Max surface visibilty on Active Sky ( less than 15km) is getting better. But is still there. Regarding Terrain polygons near Horizon in mountain regions, you mean the floating mountain issue? there is a fix on x-plane.org renopt_planet 1 and change it to: renopt_planet 0 on X-plane preferences
  9. I will check again, i think i had the same flickering with Cloud Art v3.2
  10. beta 9 with SMP pro 4.9.3 + RWC+ ASXP + FSGRW
  11. i have also this Horizon-Flickering issue almost in all flight-routes on high altitude ( above 30.000ft). Acts randomly and i think its X-Plane issue.
  12. Make some flights with real weather ( Active sky or Fsgrw) on Cloudy conditions, new lighting looks ultra nice + one step further from previous releases.
  13. 11.50b6 SMP at night ( 60.000 sq.km)
  14. i also have this issue with Zibo + Toliss 321 , X-Plane default aircraft works fine ( always in 11.50). Will check later FF350 and 767
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