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  1. Appreciated and I will do that!
  2. I didn't say cause, I said connected to. Lets not resort to this behaviour, I'm about to spend more money on FSGRW and RWC and I'm just asking for your help with this. I appreciate Vulkan support is experimental and I'm not demanding it be fixed, just some help and to make you aware of the issue
  3. It is connected to SMP though, if you disable the plugin it goes away
  4. FYI changing sky colours makes no difference
  5. Yes, this was my thoughts, I'd extended the visibility of the DSF via a script but this doesnt seem to make a difference. I'll try to chnage the sky colours. Video attached @sundog DA62 - 2020-05-22 18.20.32.avi
  6. Since updating and running in XP11.50 b9 I get a lot of flickering on the horizon with SMP turned on?
  7. Yea happens to me too!
  8. Firstly, I absolutely love this plane. everytime I get into, I'm amazed at just how good it is! I am generally an airline guy but I can't get enough of this beauty. I'm after some advice from the more knowledgable GA pilots out there. I'm trying to handfly as much as possible rather than just chucking on the AP once I'm off the ground. I take off and switch the yaw damper on, assuming I should do this, however when I do it trims left rudder so the plane tends to roll left rather than fly straight. Should I be trimming right aileron to level out or am I doing something wrong? obviously if I turn the yaw damper off and trim rudder myself like I'm driving a Cessna it's fine. Cheers, Ant
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