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  1. tkyler Keep doing what your doing buddy your product is excellent remember you can't please everyone. Steve
  2. I uninstalled then reinstalled - the stable Gizmo version seems to have solved my problem
  3. I have the same problem with 11.41 and 11.50 Vulcan it won't even load x-plane I can't get anything to work --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Gizmo64}==-- Log.txt
  4. One other thing I would mention that pertains to my post, the frame rates are great, the application still works after all these years just about flawlessly. It just goes to show that Ben, Tyler and all the personnel involved know how to write code properly.
  5. Please don't change the engine and environmental sounds as they are the best of any airliner in X-plane and please don't reduce the frame rates in Vulcan. keep up the great work it's most appreciated. Steve
  6. I get "warng: 0.696: GUI Read Key Protection Applied." and then it won't download the hot fix
  7. Thanks guys I didn't think there would be an issue but always best to check Steve
  8. As the title states I'm currently working overseas and would like to be able to download the next Hotfix? (expected soon) my IP address has changed as I'm on company Internet so I guess what I'm asking will I be able to download the Hotfix or is it best to wait until I get back home to Canada ? Thanks Steve
  9. These Video's along with Jan's Videos should be pinned as both gentlemen are great instructors
  10. Brilliant thanks a lot
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